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  • October 22, 2010

  • Fallout: New Vegas review

    VGD takes a gamble on Obsidian’s Fallout follow-up. Is New Vegas all it’s cracked up to be?

  • October 19, 2010

  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood single player preview

    Sexy times, kicks to the balls, workforce management – all things we’ve encountered in the first three hours of Ubisoft’s latest (greatest?) time-travelling epic. Xbox 360 version tested.

  • October 6, 2010

  • Interview: Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka

    Like some kind of HTML-based level from Sonic the Hedgehog CD, we jump between the hedgehog’s past, present and future with his capable custodian, Takashi Iizuka.



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