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What can console makers learn from Apple?
June 1, 2011: Becoming a force in the gaming industry seemed to fall on Apple by accident...
E3 2011 Expectations: Part 2: Microsoft
June 1, 2011: With just one week to go, we take a look at what – and what not – to expect from the Redmond camp.
Why Ubisoft needs to tread softly when it comes to balance in the next Assassin’s Creed
June 1, 2011: Our man in….Rome.
Modern Warfare 3: Suppressing Fire
June 1, 2011: Shellshock from the Modern Warfare announcement has left me wanting to roll with DICE.
Man uses PS3 game to produce this awesome music video – but how?
May 20, 2011: Former games journo Chandra Nair explains how he used LBP2 to create a unique music video for his catchy pop song.
E3 2011 Expectations: Part 1: Nintendo
May 19, 2011: As we approach the year's biggest gaming event, we take a look at what - and what not - to expect from the major players.
FEATURE: Who are the best companions in FPS games?
May 18, 2011: What makes a great buddy on your first person shooting adventures? We take a scientific approach to find out.
Wii 2: HD doesn’t mean high-end
May 18, 2011: We need to eliminate the notion that HD graphics and Xbox 360-level processing power automatically equal an expensive premium device.
Wii 2, realistically speaking: 7 things to be pessimistic about Project Café
May 3, 2011: Would it be unjust to think that compromise is lurking just around the corner?
Wii 2: Five ways Nintendo can win back hardcore gamers
April 29, 2011: Will the Wii’s successor satisfy old-school Nintendo fans? One fan, VGD's Dylann Bobei, has some ideas about how it could.
Opinion: do rollicking good looks really matter any more?
February 7, 2011: Is the game up for champions of technological overload? As anticipation for Next Generation Portable hits fever-pitch, VGD questions the wisdom of pushing the graphical envelope.
Why PETA’s “beef” with Super Meat Boy deserves encouragement, not disdain
December 31, 2010: The infamous animal rights group throws down with Team Meat's Xbox Live hit. Gamers are up in arms, but is intolerance the best policy?
The hottest game mechanics of 2010
December 23, 2010: Our pick of this year's virtual nuts and bolts.
Killzone 3 – a beginner’s multiplayer survival guide
December 9, 2010: A crash course in Helghast warfare. Beware: hammy voice-acting ahead.
Freeloadable: the best serial killer game the Daily Mail missed
December 6, 2010: Come home with me.
The great GT5 debate: how many cars is too many cars?
December 1, 2010: This glass is one-fifth full! This glass is four-fifths empty!
Perfection at any price? Kazunori Yamauchi on learning to let go
November 30, 2010: The creator of Gran Turismo 5 talks early years, sleep deprivation and networked futures.
Why all Assassin’s Creed games are flawless, or, Ubisoft’s greatest conjuring trick
November 25, 2010: The terrifying secret: it's all a bit meta.
Black Ops quibble: is the Tomahawk overpowered?
November 15, 2010: A little rant from Ed.
Is Call of Duty’s single player irrelevant?
November 9, 2010: CoD games "aren't about" the campaign - so why are campaigns included? VGD plays devil's advocate with Treyarch's Black Ops.
Seven augments you should but won’t get in Deus Ex: Human Revolution
November 1, 2010: Thoughts from a recent hands-off demo of the Xbox 360, PC and PS3-bound Deus Ex prequel.
Behind the music of Medal of Honor – free sample tracks inside
October 27, 2010: Listen to choice titbits from the blistering new shooter's score while composer Ramin Djawadi talks us through the creative process.
Is Enslaved a slave to “movie game” convention?
September 28, 2010: Ninja Theory's game has artistry and imagination in spades, but how much is mere window dressing?
Five reasons HAWX 2 is totally, infinitely better than Halo: Reach
September 14, 2010: You're not a sucker, are you?
Is DICE’s ‘something great’ Mirror’s Edge 2? And is it the sequel we want it to be?
August 17, 2010: EA's premiere shooter developer has something cooking. What could it be?
Think Limbo’s too short? You’re missing the point entirely
August 13, 2010: Edwin addresses the most common criticism of Limbo's morbid masterpiece. Warning: contains major spoilers.
Street Fighter X Tekken: Who asked for it?
August 10, 2010: Capcom just can't seem to stop starting fights with other companies. Their latest exercise in pint-spilling is unexpected to say the least. Did you ask for this?
3D Gaming: Developers give the verdict
August 5, 2010: Video Games Daily discusses the pros and cons of 3D gaming with the developers of 3D racers and first person shooters.
Kinect: The “secret” formula for awesome controller-free games
July 30, 2010: Kinect gaming needn't be the stuff of nightmares. After some serious 'hands off' time with Microsoft's costly peripheral, VGD jots down a few development tips.
The next-best thing about 3DS? Turning the 3D off
July 28, 2010: Edwin goes hands-on with Nintendo's handsome new console, finding much to praise and a little (just a little) to criticise.
Opinion: what can Dragon Quest teach Final Fantasy?
July 22, 2010: A Tale of Two JRPGs. Why Final Fantasy needs to learn to laugh at itself.
Why PSP can still compete with 3DS
June 24, 2010: Nintendo's new baby is making quite the splash, but don't count out Sony's grizzled veteran just yet.
PlayStation Move: ‘platform’ or peripheral?
June 22, 2010: Opinion: Move is being marketed as a whole new start for the PlayStation experience, but how much of that is wishful thinking?
E3 2010 – all our coverage in one place
June 19, 2010: How we spent the biggest week in the gaming calendar.
The price of innovation – Move, Kinect, 3DS
June 18, 2010: Our thoughts on the price-points - real and rumoured - of the next three major innovations in console gaming.
Sony’s E3: making a Move on the third parties
June 16, 2010: Twisted Metal and Killzone 3 might be the toast of the PlayStation community at present, but Sony's presser was as much about partnerships as it was home-grown games.
Nintendo’s E3: welcome back, guys, we’ve missed you
June 15, 2010: Miyamoto and co take time away from casual gaming to deliver the E3 presentation their fans have been dreaming of.
Microsoft’s E3: slow and steady wins the race?
June 15, 2010: Microsoft's press conference might have lacked surprises, but the quality and integrity were there.
Opinion: Kinect reveal was for ‘everyone’, just not for you
June 14, 2010: Microsoft's first E3 2010 airing of the newly renamed motion technology left much to be desired.
Exclusive: first look at digital game trade-ins
May 7, 2010: Behind the scenes with Green Man Gaming, the service that could change the way gamers purchase their games.
Super Street Fighter IV: Community Service
April 29, 2010: Producer. Community Leader. European champion. We hear from three important voices on what Super Street Fighter IV means for fighting games.
Emotional gaming: a contradiction in terms?
April 6, 2010: Games are capable of yanking the heart strings, but can they truly match the achievements of film and literature? Also: what Pokemon and Heavy Rain have in common.
Exclusivity doesn’t exist, but it’s still ruining gaming
March 16, 2010: Thinking inside the hardware box is neither fun, realistic nor productive, so why do we do it?
No more hero-worship? Goichi Suda Interview
March 10, 2010: If his games were any more 8-bit you'd have to blow on the disc before putting it into the Wii. We talk pixels and punks with Suda51.
Sony sequels we’d prefer to SOCOM 4
March 5, 2010: Edwin reacts badly to the announcement of yet another sandy-gritty shooty-bang-bang squad-prodder. SOCOM? More like SUCK-OM. (Don't worry, it gets better.)
Why do you like White Knight Chronicles?
February 7, 2010: And why do you think it's getting panned? An open letter to the role-playing gamer community.
Why it could have been great: White Knight Chronicles
February 5, 2010: Level 5's epic but underwhelming PS3 role-playing game could have rocked our worlds. Edwin investigates the game's undelivered promise.
The science of sucking: game design crimes
January 22, 2010: A traipse through some of the industry's less exalted moments with commentary from leading developers and journalists.
The DS2 – what can we expect?
January 15, 2010: If analysts are to be believed, the successor to Nintendo's wildly popular handheld is just round the corner. Here's our predicted feature list.
Project Natal: what’s the worst that can happen?
January 14, 2010: Flash-forward to the grim, unholy darkness of a post-Natal world. Possibly.
Six games that will define 2010
January 8, 2010: Which titles will this year be remembered for? Edwin drops a few hints.
Games of the Decade: Part 5
December 30, 2009: The staff of Video Games Daily complile their ultimate list of the decade's 65 greatest games. Part 5: Adam.
Games of the Decade: Part 4
December 30, 2009: The staff of Video Games Daily complile their ultimate list of the decade's 65 greatest games. Part 4: Edwin.
Games of the Decade: Part 3
December 30, 2009: The staff of Video Games Daily complile their ultimate list of the decade's 65 greatest games. Part 3: Alex.
Games of the Decade: Part 2
December 30, 2009: The staff of Video Games Daily complile their ultimate list of the decade's 65 greatest games. Part 2: Stuart.
Games of the Decade: Part 1
December 30, 2009: The staff of Video Games Daily complile their ultimate list of the decade's 65 greatest games. Part 1: Rupert.
Will FFXIII bring the JRPG back in the West?
December 10, 2009: Final Fantasy is back in the headlines, but is it the last and best of a dying breed?
It’s… the Video Games Daily scoring system
December 3, 2009: More arbitrary numbers to violently disagree with.
5 game settings I wish Rockstar would steal
December 2, 2009: "He's got the whoooole world, in his hands..."
10 reasons to put a Wii on your Xmas list
November 27, 2009: They'll prise these nunchuks from our COLD DEAD FINGERS.
Killzone 2 look-back: sorry, still needs co-op
November 26, 2009: As Guerrilla's sometime Halo-killer reaches the grand old age of half a decade, we kick a little post-coital dirt at the sequel.
Why Left 4 Dead shouldn’t be left for dead
November 24, 2009: Left 4 Dead 2's out. Is it all over for Francis, Bill, Louis and Zoey? Not on our watch.
Feature: FPS Cult Classics
November 19, 2009: With Modern Warfare 2 fever gradually dissipating, it's time to mull over the shooters you might have missed.
Weapon Drop: Left 4 Dead 2′s Chainsaw
November 18, 2009: I came, I saw, I chainsawed...
Modern Warfare 2 shockers – a history in videos
November 16, 2009: Our quick, clip-driven retrospective on all the big reveals and upsets.
Opinion: MW2′s genius shouldn’t blind us to controversies
November 9, 2009: Price hiking, airport massacres, Activision's miserly attitude to review code - Modern Warfare 2 has a fair few blotches on its mark sheet. FPS Gamer takes stock.
1-on-1: Modern Warfare 2 vs Left 4 Dead 2
October 29, 2009: Can Valve's grab-bag of southern comfort and zombie goodness overturn Infinity Ward's steamroller of an action blockbuster? Click on for our pre-release feature face-off.
Weapon Drop: the sticky grenade
October 26, 2009: Stick around.
Gaming Idols: Top 50 We Ever Interviewed
October 26, 2009: Interviews have long been a strong passion for us at Kikizo. Today, in celebration of our relaunch into Video Games Daily, we name the 50 best interviewees of the site to date.
Feature: The History of First-Person Shooters
October 26, 2009: As FPS Gamer clears leather, Kristan Reed turns in the ultimate retrospective: the evolution of the first-person shooter genre from Maze War to Modern Warfare 2.
How to find the Nintendo Building!
October 23, 2009: Every Gaijin in Kyoto's top pilgrimage is to the proud white HQ of Nintendo Co. Ltd. Here's how you get there...
The History of First-Person Shooters: Part 5
October 19, 2009: 2006 to present. The "real" next-gen arrives, Crysis blows retinas, Bioshock goes deep, Left 4 Dead reinvents the co-op mode and Infinity Ward washes its hands of the 1940s.
The History of First-Person Shooters: Part 4
October 13, 2009: 2001-2005. The war between console and PC reaches its height, Valve excels itself, World War 2 becomes the setting of choice and Bungie gives birth to a big, helmeted baby.
The History of First-Person Shooters: Part 3
October 8, 2009: 1998-2000. Epic and Valve hit the scene, online multiplayer explodes and important sub-genres begin to establish themselves.
The History of First-Person Shooters: Part 2
October 3, 2009: 1996-1997. The 3D acceleration era gets underway, online gaming is born, the mod scene grows and console shooting hits gold.
Halo 3: the best of Forge
October 2, 2009: Manny dips into the cream of Halo 3's user creations.
The History of First-Person Shooters: Part 1
September 29, 2009: The origins of the genre. Maze War, Castle Wolfenstein and (of course) Doom.
ODST special: top 5 rough landings
September 23, 2009: Going in hot. We can see your house from here - and we're packing SPARTAN lasers...
The Edit Suite: Worst FPS levels
September 16, 2009: Manny Brown confesses his fondness for shiny sphincters.
Screen blitz: Bethesda’s Brink
September 15, 2009: Splash Damage coughs up pics of barbed wire, robots, tattoos.



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