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The FIFA 12 revolution?
June 13, 2011: Our man in Zurich: If you didn’t already know, money makes the football world go round...
Peter Molyneux finally reveals the real Milo and Kate – Dimitri?
June 7, 2011: Kinect was an E3 Microsoft highlight for the third year running – this time, thanks to software we might actually care about, including a new title from Lionhead.
Wii U – that’s not all! More details coming tomorrow – including online
June 7, 2011: Reggie also confirms 1080p HD and "proprietary" new storage media - not Blu-ray.
Ninja Gaiden 3 is set in London
June 1, 2011: ...and probably other places too. But definitely London.
Man uses PS3 game to produce this awesome music video – but how?
May 20, 2011: Former games journo Chandra Nair explains how he used LBP2 to create a unique music video for his catchy pop song.
Man makes PSN disaster song in theme of Portal’s “Still Alive”
April 28, 2011: And it's not as awful as you'd think...
Is Duke Nukem invited to the Royal Wedding?
April 27, 2011: Come Get One.
RANT: Should you boycott Portal 2? Only if you’re a moron
April 20, 2011: Fans upset about the PC game being a console port, having short run time, day-one DLC and, uh, a marketing campaign. Come again?
What’s so great about working for Video Games Daily? Find out here – we’re hiring!
March 22, 2011: Former staff reveal how Kikizo didn't destroy their lives!
VIDEO: UK media speaks out on Nintendo 3DS
January 23, 2011: Hacks including one of our own say if it's good or not.
What if Dungeon Keeper were an MMO? Hint: it soon will be
December 3, 2010: The free-to-play scene gets nasty in the best possible way.
PlayStation Move hits 4.1 million shipped (not sold) worldwide
November 30, 2010: PS3 peripheral steams ahead of Kinect.
LA Noire in-engine trailer hits – watch now
November 11, 2010: "It's the case that makes you. It's the case that breaks you."
Win Call of Duty: Black Ops, courtesy of Argos
November 9, 2010: Copies of the game for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii up for grabs.
The Sims: Medieval is for RPG and strategy game fans too
November 5, 2010: EA not worried about new choice of setting shrinking Sims franchise's appeal.
Visceral: Dead Space’s “brown spaceship” setting got “a bit samey”
November 5, 2010: Sequel to offer "a lot more new spaces", but "classic Dead Space fans will be very happy with what’s in the game".
Sonic the Hedgehog – Sega finally “gets it”?
October 5, 2010: Sega's Takashi Iizuka on making a Sonic game Sonic fans might actually want to play.
Darkstalkers may be too hardcore for 3D
August 20, 2010: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 producer on why certain sex-changing super moves didn't make the cut, and the terrible 'memory hunger' of the Darkstalkers cast.
Is DICE’s ‘something great’ Mirror’s Edge 2? And is it the sequel we want it to be?
August 17, 2010: EA's premiere shooter developer has something cooking. What could it be?
Green Man Gaming reveals PC summer offers
August 4, 2010: Metacritic "Sizzling 70s" and more up for grabs.
Interview: Ed Fries reveals Halo 2600
August 3, 2010: Exclusive catch-up with the Microsoft Game Studios vet as he surprises fans with a Halo title that's straight out of left field.
Bungie’s multi-platform project may not be a shooter
July 30, 2010: 'We're not quite ready to pin down a genre yet.'
Bungie: we will never charge for full online experience
July 30, 2010: Halo Reach Campaign Director: 'I think our philosophy is probably always going to be you should never have to pay for core entertainment, for core enjoyment.'
GoldenEye remakers not worried by middling Wii shooter sales
July 22, 2010: Activision Producer doesn't see platform as a 'challenge', hints at possible PlayStation Move port.
Ubisoft did not ‘sacrifice depth’ to put R.U.S.E. on console
July 20, 2010: Producer: 'we basically solved the remaining issue in console strategy gaming'.
Dead Rising films to get console exclusivity on Xbox Live
July 15, 2010: Microsoft's money-hat cannon works its magic once again.
Ubisoft: play co-op if you want the ‘real’ Future Soldier experience
July 13, 2010: New Ghost Recon sets sights on 'the experience or feeling of being a Spec Ops, with a team of friends.'
Assassin’s Creed franchise is ‘not going to be one a year’
July 8, 2010: Brotherhood developer: 'there's definitely going to be a gap between this opus of Assassin's Creed and the next.'
Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed co-op is ‘super-interesting’, but doesn’t make sense
July 8, 2010: The idea could work from a 'pure mechanical angle', but would be hard to reconcile with the narrative.
Black Ops ‘Slaughterhouse’ level was originally for multiplayer
May 29, 2010: As was the crossbow. Treyarch's Mark Lamia talks up 'aggressive' approach to new Call of Duty online.
Treyarch: 60 FPS is a ‘critical component’ of Call of Duty experience
May 28, 2010: Studio head: sky-high frame rate is the reason Call of Duty 'feels so good in your hand'.
SFIV producer ‘desperate’ to make Darkstalkers sequel – and you can help
April 24, 2010: Yoshinori Ono wants you to tell Capcom that you want Darkstalkers. After SFIV, you owe him that much.
Conviction to get Spies vs Mercs after all?
April 12, 2010: Game Director reveals that while bringing the legendary multiplayer mode back would be difficult, it's still a post-launch possibility.
Ubisoft – Forgotten Sands isn’t “ground-breaking”
March 25, 2010: Prince of Persia 2008 was "a really good experiment", but latest game will go "back to the normal way of doing things".
Japanese devs struggle with “real-feeling RPGs” – InXile
March 15, 2010: "Cultural nuances" to blame.
Watch us play Red Steel 2! (plus other, more important people)
March 12, 2010: Would.
Splinter Cell Conviction to last “30-35 hours” altogether
March 12, 2010: "Systemic" AI allows for easy mode creation.
Conviction dev “hungry” for Splinter Cell movie
March 2, 2010: The 'biggest question' is who would play Sam Fisher.
Red Steel 2 “could work fantastically” on Sony wand – Ubisoft Paris
February 22, 2010: But wouldn't be a "natural fit" for Project Natal at present.
“Big and simple” Halo Wars learned from C&C3 – EA
February 18, 2010: EA producer feels Ensemble Studios worked well within the limitations of console play.
EA Producer: C&C4 is more like an FPS
February 17, 2010: But "not a casual game by any stretch of the imagination".
Climax: Wii owners more receptive to “bold” ideas
February 11, 2010: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories "wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Wii".
Difficulty for the sake of it is “insanity” – Capcom UK
February 5, 2010: "It's more about things in the right place."
Monster Hunter is a “platform”, not a game – Capcom UK
February 1, 2010: PSP's success is "more about Monster Hunter players than it is PSP players".
Spock lends voice to Star Trek Online
January 5, 2010: Who's this Leonard Nimoy fellah then?
Half-Life 2 up and running on Project Natal?
January 4, 2010: Leaked footage suggests as much.
Mass Effect 2: Gamestop ad shows off badass gun
December 10, 2009: This is my BOOMSTICK. For preorders only.
New IP can take “years of iteration” to get right – Singularity producer
December 8, 2009: Don't count your chickens before they've been blown to bits with plasma grenades.
Mass Effect 2 producer: devs “pamper” gamers
December 4, 2009: Bioware's second sci-fi shooter will have "serious", "delicious" consequences, like in Demon's Souls.
The secret to Mass Effect 2′s textures? Beer
December 3, 2009: Game producer to get lead cinematic animator wasted if technical issues are overcome.
Killer Instinct 3 fights for Natal outing
November 26, 2009: New chat with Rare chief suggests Killer Instinct could make a return - but not with a traditional controller.
PSN Video Delivery Service goes live in UK
November 19, 2009: Complete with the following promotional deal: get Transformers free if you register in November.
PSN Video Delivery Service goes live in UK and Europe
November 18, 2009: Complete with the following promotional deal: get Transformers free if you register in November.
Last week’s hottest headlines – 6th November
November 6, 2009: Don't mention the (Modern) War(fare 2).
And the best part of Modern Warfare 2 is…
November 2, 2009: Infinity Ward studio boss spills the beans.
It’s the all-new Kikizo
October 28, 2009: We're back with an improved look, a new name, loads of new content, as well as four ALL-NEW game sites and a new business site too! Full details...
Assassin’s Creed 2 has “Batman-like” bits
October 18, 2009: Game director discloses 5-7 hours of linear "secret maps".
Sixaxis upgraded to breast-wobbling tool
September 17, 2009: We have seen the future, and it contains b008i3s.
DJ Hero puts Queen through the mixer
September 14, 2009: Features some punk who's apparently a bit daft.
New MAG trailer scripted by PS Blog members
September 4, 2009: Because SCEE couldn't be arsed to write it themselves.
Section 8′s out, watch the trailer
September 2, 2009: Kicks eight shades of armor-plating out of Halo, or so it probably wishes.


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