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L.A. Noire – do we really want to play as cops?
May 25, 2011: REVIEW: What has the creator of The Getaway done so much better this time around?
Review: Rollgo for iOS – what is it, and should you care?
May 19, 2011: A textbook example of how to make a puzzler fit the platform.
Review: Can The Frist Templar take on Assassin’s Creed?
May 18, 2011: The Templars have popped up in video games before in the Broken Sword series, and most recently in the Assassin's Creed series as the bad guys. So does The First Templar make good use of these warrior monks?
Brink review: Parkour paradise or paradise lost?
May 10, 2011: Splash Damage once again find themselves in familiar territory. Should Brink be priority one on your objective list? Xbox 360 version tested.
Dead or Alive Dimensions review – is this Nintendo 3DS’ new fighting champ?
May 9, 2011: The first entry in the DoA series since Itagaki's departure, how does Team Ninja's greatest hits package stack up?
World of Goo iOS Review: I second that emulsion
May 5, 2011: Verdict on the iOS release of 2008's breakthrough indie hit.
Sanctum gives tower defense what it’s always needed: Swinging dance parties
April 29, 2011: Out now on Steam.
Review: Why it’s impossible to take anything seriously in Elements of War
April 27, 2011: Here's what we didn't like about this RTS.
Review: Is Portal 2 the best sequel of 2011?
April 19, 2011: Adam awakens from hypersleep to discover what makes Portal 2 special... and manages to write something about it.
Shooting’s all grown up on 3DS – Ghost Recon Shadow Wars review
April 19, 2011: With over thirty hours of singleplayer, is Ghost Recon worth a look... in 3D?
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition review
March 27, 2011: Capcom takes pavement pugilism to where it belongs -- the street. Are the gimmicks enough to make you leave your home?
Review: Why Pilotwings should be your first resort on 3DS
March 25, 2011: When viewed as a launch title Pilotwings Resort fulfills its remit perfectly.
Do we still care about motorbike games? MotoGP 10/11 reviewed
March 21, 2011: Now in its third year, we discover why Moto GP is strongerthan ever.
Who’s That Flying?! review – schmup, meet Horde mode
February 18, 2011: Verdict on the Steam version of MediaTonic's sideways-inclined alien discombobulator.
Breach review – the poor man’s Call of Duty
January 29, 2011: Atomic Games aims for a breakthrough, but the results are just broken. Verdict on the Xbox 360 version of the downloadable shooter.
Dead Space 2 review – real terror? Not really
January 25, 2011: We return to the void in EA's meaty, suspenseful sequel. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions tested.
LittleBigPlanet 2 review – Play, Create, Share, Iterate?
January 5, 2011: Sony's Next Next Big Thing hits our hard drives. Has Sackboy still got what it takes?
Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam review
December 21, 2010: Charlie don't nerf. Our verdict on the throwback expansion pack. Xbox 360 version tested.
Donkey Kong Country Returns review
December 15, 2010: We hope you're ripe for a challenge as Kong's return to the old country has a difficulty curve steeper than one of his treasured bananas.
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer review
November 26, 2010: Round two with Ubisoft's epic stab-em-up. Can multiplayer put a bit more spring in Brotherhood's step? Xbox 360 version tested.
Gran Turismo 5 review – better late than never?
November 24, 2010: Sony's long-in-the-tooth roadster finally reaches the tarmac. VGD investigates.
Call of Duty: Black Ops review – a tale of two shooters
November 22, 2010: Back in black? Our verdict on Treyarch and Activision's Cold War sales apocalypse. Xbox 360 version tested.
Sonic Colours review
November 18, 2010: Sonic drops his recent shade of embarrassed red for the altogether nobler blue sheen of days gone by in the excellent Sonic Colours.
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood campaign review
November 16, 2010: He ain't heavy, he's my brother - and he's got a crossbow aimed at your neck. VGD tucks into an Xbox 360 version of Ubisoft's third historical epic.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – too hot to handle?
November 12, 2010: The need has never been more pressing. VGD slips behind the wheel of EA Criterion's bruising arcade racer.
GoldenEye 007 review
November 12, 2010: Activision's successor to the original console FPS sensation leaves us shaken and stirred.
Fable III review – not quite ready to rule
October 26, 2010: A whirlwind tale of realpolitik, really big hammers and really offensive gnomes. VGD gives the verdict on Lionhead's second Xbox 360 release.
Fallout: New Vegas review
October 22, 2010: VGD takes a gamble on Obsidian's Fallout follow-up. Is New Vegas all it's cracked up to be?
EA Sports MMA review – the manliest hugs on the planet
October 20, 2010: Kick! Punch! It's all in the grind. VGD lays a score on EA Tiburon's strapping grappler. PS3 and Xbox 360 versions tested.
Medal of Honor review, part 1: the campaign
October 12, 2010: No medals for guessing who they're riffing on here... Edwin dissects EA and Danger Close's would-be CoD-killer. PS3 version tested.
Sonic 4 review – is this the best game franchise reboot in years?
October 11, 2010: Adam explains why the first 'classic series' Sonic release in sixteen years may have just reawakened his gaming identity. (PS3 version tested)
MySims SkyHeroes review – we don’t need another hero
October 7, 2010: The verdict on EA's first PS3 and Xbox 360 MySims title. PS3 version tested.
Civilization V review: nation-building without the stress
October 4, 2010: What are you doing for the next 7000 years?
Dead Rising 2 review
September 25, 2010: Capcom returns to the hinterland between East and West, pitchfork-shotgun in hand. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions tested.
Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 review
September 17, 2010: Fire and forgettable. Xbox 360 version tested.
RUSE Review: Good stuff, or a good bluff?
September 10, 2010: Ubisoft's treacherous RTS launches a surprise assault on Edwin's flank. Xbox 360 version tested.
Crackdown 2 Review: down in the dumps
July 5, 2010: Ruffian Games attempts to deliver on the original Crackdown's potential, but never quite leaves the launch pad.
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review
June 11, 2010: One sneak too many for Snake or should we give Peace a chance?
Blur Review
May 28, 2010: Bizarre Creations' most violent racer yet brings power-ups to the people. Xbox 360 version tested.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review
May 22, 2010: A treasure trove of galactic proportions. Mario gets himself lost in space a second, glorious time.
Red Dead Redemption Review
May 18, 2010: We look Rockstar’s gift horse in the mouth. Is it worth your fist full of dollars? PS3 version tested.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review
May 18, 2010: Unforgettable or best forgotten? VGD joins Ubisoft's royal ninja for his fifth home format tour of the unforgiving desert. PlayStation 3 version tested.
Lost Planet 2 Review
May 12, 2010: Finders keepers! VGD pronounces judgement on Capcom's sociable sci-fi sequel. PlayStation 3 version tested.
Super Street Fighter IV Review
May 1, 2010: Ten new faces to pick, or, ten new faces to ignore and just choose Ken?
Monster Hunter Tri Review
April 23, 2010: Go get your bowgun - the game's afoot. VGD takes a swing at the most in-depth and uncompromising Wii release yet.
Dead or Alive Paradise Review
April 4, 2010: How far can T&A carry DoA? Our take on the disturbing PSP boob 'em up.
Metro 2033 Review
March 29, 2010: We suit up and strap in for another apocalypse, though this time with an Eastern flavour. 360 version tested.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review
March 25, 2010: FPSGamer goes duck-hunting in EA's biggest Battlefield to date. Can DICE bring the house down a second time?
Red Steel 2 Review
March 24, 2010: VGD sets foot on the Way of the Agonising Neck Cramp. Can Ubisoft's Wii MotionPlus slasher knock it out of the park?
God of War 3 Review
March 8, 2010: How big is big enough? Our verdict on the face-melting conclusion (or is it?) to the God of War trilogy.
Undead Knights Review
March 1, 2010: If there's one thing more exciting than re-murdering armies of the undead, it's creating new ones and having them do your bidding, right? Well...
Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Review
February 16, 2010: Sega attempt to ape their past success on a new piece of hardware. Can they return balance to the precariously positioned series?
BioShock 2 Review
February 12, 2010: Down where it's wetter, still where it's better... Rupert gives the verdict on the Xbox 360 version of 2K Marin's return to Rapture.
Heavy Rain Review
February 10, 2010: The floodgates are open. VideoGamesDaily spends a rainy day in with Quantic Dream's masterful PS3 debut.
Dante’s Inferno Review
February 3, 2010: Go To Hell... or just straight to the bargain bin? We get down with the Devil on PS3.
Mass Effect 2 Review
February 3, 2010: Red sky at night, Shepard's delight?
Bayonetta Post-Review
January 21, 2010: Many gamers have fallen head over heels (with guns on them) for Bayonetta, so why do some take umbrage at the new witch in town?
Army of Two: 40th Day Review
January 17, 2010: Does Army of Two: 40th Day make you want to strike up a bromance or is it simply not worth the aggro?
Darksiders: Wrath of War Review
January 8, 2010: Stuart takes a walk on the Darkside with an Xbox 360 copy of Vigil's post-Apocalyptic horseman.
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review
December 12, 2009: Nintendo’s evergreen hero doesn’t veer too far off track in this spectral sequel.
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Review
December 1, 2009: Failure is Alien to James Cameron's nature, but is the Xbox 360 adaptation of his upcoming Avatar a Titanic success, or something you should Terminate on sight? Time for our verdict.
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Review
November 30, 2009: Capcom turns to the Darkside as two more Resident Evils get the York Notes treatment.
Left 4 Dead 2 Review
November 23, 2009: Another adrenaline shot in the arm for the co-op scene. FPS Gamer's take on the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead 2.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review
November 20, 2009: Nintendo showers us with enough brotherly love for quadruplets. Does the first 2D console platformer staring Mario since 1991 live up to the legend?
Assassin’s Creed 2 Review
November 17, 2009: New century, same creed. Our take on the PS3 version of Ubisoft Montreal's ornate Renaissance action epic.
LittleBigPlanet PSP Review
November 13, 2009: The littler they come, the better they get. Our verdict on SCE Cambridge Studio and Media Molecule's portable Sackboy.
Demon’s Souls Review
November 12, 2009: It’s got soul. And it’s super bad. Richard Walker cuts open From Software's diabolically hardcore dungeon crawler.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review
November 10, 2009: It's the biggest release of the year. Will it get the biggest score? FPS Gamer's Kristan Reed takes on Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2.
Tekken 6 Review
November 6, 2009: The King of Iron Fist goes multi-format, as another generation of Mishimas fetch the hair gel and gloves. PS3 version reviewed.
DJ Hero Review
October 30, 2009: More bass! MORE BASS!
Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time Review
October 30, 2009: VGD joins the well-armed Lombax and his mechanical sidekick for a third and final outing on PS3.
GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Review
October 28, 2009: Is the Grand Theft Auto IV series finale enough to maintain our interest in Liberty City? It's time to come out of the closet.
Brütal Legend Review
October 27, 2009: Gleaming tempered metal or just a cheap alloy?
Borderlands Review
October 27, 2009: Gearbox's Loony Tunes riff on Fallout 3 is bordering on greatness.
Forza Motorsport 3 Review
October 27, 2009: Forza 3 gets a free holiday season as a certain Sony racer gets stuck in the pit lane. Does Turn 10's finely tuned beast have the BHP to take first place?
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review
October 22, 2009: Off the charts, off the scale. Naughty Dog's latest PS3 action-adventure is one to treasure.
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review
October 22, 2009: Is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising worth signing up for?
GTA: Chinatown Wars PSP Review
October 20, 2009: Having crashed out on DS, Rockstar gets back behind the wheel of Sony's handheld.
Need for Speed: SHIFT Review
October 19, 2009: After a lengthy stay in the pits, the multi-million selling Need for Speed franchise is once again gunning for a podium spot. But is it a match for the latest models?
Metroid Prime Trilogy Review
October 19, 2009: The Wii FPS landscape is desolate to say the least, but Nintendo has given us three reasons to go exploring.
Dead Space: Extraction Review
October 17, 2009: EA's sci-fi horror shooter infests the Wii. Is it worth a return visit to the USG Ishimura?
Halo 3: ODST Review
October 1, 2009: Master Chief has some big shoes to fill. That's why it takes a whole team of grizzly, tobacco-chewing, alien-ass kicking, quick-shooting tough guys to do the job. And you, obviously.
Mini Ninjas Review
September 29, 2009: The creators of Hitman try their hands at pint-sized Oriental cuddliness. VGD tosses a shuriken at the Xbox 360 version.
Motorstorm: Arctic Edge Review
September 21, 2009: Has Evolution Studios edged out the competition?
Batman: Arkham Asylum Review
September 17, 2009: The knight is darkest just before the dawn.
Gran Turismo PSP Review
September 15, 2009: Polyphony Digital's long-awaited purist roadster leaves the garage, but can Gran Turismo keep pace with modern motors?
Wolfenstein Review
September 8, 2009: World War II resumes as Raven Software drags the mighty Wolfenstein franchise from its crypt. We go for the headshot.



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