Dark Mod turns Doom 3 into Thief, sort of

Out with Martian demons, in with eerie clocktowers.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, October 19, 2009


Looking Glass Studios didn't die in vain, apparently.

Well this is one king-hell of a mod. Broken Glass Studios has respun id Software’s Doom 3 into something heavily redolent of Looking Glass Studios’ Thief series, all eldritch fog, graveyards and ornate mantelpieces.

You’ll need a fully patched-up copy of the original (the Steam download works if a boxed version’s hard to find) to experience the mod. From the developer’s website:

It’s primarily a toolset, allowing fans to create their own missions in a medieval steampunk environment. When you download the mod, the only thing you can play immediately is the Training Mission. You have to download other missions separately (see our download page for more details).

If you’re thinking of creating your own missions, best swipe the specialised editor from Sourceforge. Remember - the Dark Mod was inspired by Thief, but is not a Thief game, nor does it use Thief assets. Any lawyers reading this, please exit immediately before I cosh you and hide your body under a table.

Go on, give it a try. Feel free to post download links for your missions here.

4 Responses to “Dark Mod turns Doom 3 into Thief, sort of”

  1. Darek says:


  2. Dervish says:

    Come on, now–are you TRYING to bait the lawyers with that title? At least you put in the “inspired” explanation, but sheesh. Throw in a note that it doesn’t use any Thief assets, at least.

  3. Ed says:

    The day one of my headlines doesn’t bait *somebody* is the day I hand in my inkwell :)

    Still I’ll play ball. Post updated.


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