10 reasons to put a Wii on your Xmas list

They’ll prise these nunchuks from our COLD DEAD FINGERS.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, November 27, 2009

Hot stuff, coming through.

Hot stuff, coming through.

Most of you don’t like the Wii at the best of times, but there’s been the most unholy level of whinging lately thanks to a certain Doug Cruetz of Cowen Group, who thinks the “Wii bubble could be deflating” – pierced by the wicked thorns of sagging third-party software sales. Or something like that.

Lay your fears to rest, Mr Cruetz – VideoGameTV has a bike pump. A bike pump filled to the nozzle with killer software. I’ve jotted down some pros and cons for each title on the list, partly to maintain the pretence of considered judgement but also because I wanted to make lots of lame jokes.


Monster Hunter Tri (2010 in Europe and North America)
Pros: They’ve actually done the online bit right for a change.
Cons: You might have to pay a monthly sub.


Red Steel 2 (February-March 2010 worldwide)
Pros: New manga-fied visuals, swordplay that isn’t broken.
Cons: Needs lightsabers.


Sin & Punishment 2 (Q1 2010 in Europe and North America)
Pros: Absolute visual lunacy. Tried and true rail-shooting mechanics.
Cons: So uncool you need a makeover, STAT.


Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles (Out now!)
Pros: Dolled-up versions of all the old Resi locations.
Cons: Slow zombies are so 1997.


Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Out now!)
Pros: Probably the prettiest example of 2D interactive art ever published.
Cons: Gets repetitive unless sampled in small doses.

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