Modern Warfare 2 shockers – a history in videos

Our quick, clip-driven retrospective on all the big reveals and upsets.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, November 16, 2009


Soap isn't shedding any tears over missing mod tools.

Has Modern Warfare 2 had the most SHOCK and SCANDAL-ridden development period EVAH? Of course not. That honor can be accorded to one game and one game only – the unforgettable Pac-Man World (Three dimensions? Back-story?! A pet dog?!!).

Still, Infinity Ward’s magnum-opus-till-the-next-one has stirred up a fair bit of fuss between unveiling and release. Let’s review the key dates and events with the aid of a few choice video clips…

26th March 2009: Infinity Ward floors the entire internet with the very first “Call of Duty 6″ teaser trailer.

10th May 2009: The first ever in-game footage of Modern Warfare 2.

1st June 2009: E3 single-player demo of Modern Warfare 2 is abundant in ice axes, English accents, heartbeat sensors.

4th October 2009: New “Infamy” trailer shows Russo-American pitched battles outside the White House. Obama reportedly considering move to Defcon 3.

19th October 2009: Adolf Hitler immensely displeased by absence of dedicated servers for PC version of game.

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