E3 2010 – all our coverage in one place

How we spent the biggest week in the gaming calendar.

By Kikizo Staff, June 19, 2010


The dust settles; crows circle; the blood drains slowly from your vision; another Electronic Entertainment Expo draws to a close. This year’s gaming news firestorm sparked, raged and died much like the one before, and the one before that: there were uppers and downers, raters and slaters, shocks and crocks. The details change, the dancers trade places, but the great waltz remains the same.

Here at VGD, we might not have dished out the coverage quite as rapidly and fulsomely as some other sites, but we were there to pen considered judgements on all three manufacturer keynotes and a few things besides.  Find the lot below.

Opinion: Kinect reveal was for ‘everyone’, just not for you
Microsoft’s first E3 2010 airing of the newly renamed motion technology left much to be desired.

Microsoft’s E3: slow and steady wins the race?
Microsoft’s press conference might have lacked surprises, but the quality and integrity were there.

Nintendo’s E3: welcome back, guys, we’ve missed you
Miyamoto and co take time away from casual gaming to deliver the E3 presentation their fans have been dreaming of.

Sony’s E3: making a Move on the third parties
Twisted Metal and Killzone 3 might be the toast of the PlayStation community at present, but Sony’s presser was as much about partnerships as it was home-grown games.

The price of innovation: Move, Kinect, 3DS
Our thoughts on the price-points – real and rumoured – of the next three major innovations in console gaming.

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