Nintendo’s E3: welcome back, guys, we’ve missed you

Miyamoto and co take time away from casual gaming to deliver the E3 presentation their fans have been dreaming of.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, June 15, 2010

As fantastic as it was to hear that long-forgotten Kid Icarus would make a 3D comeback in the form of a Sins-&-Punishment-esque on-rails blaster, the megaton where 3D at large is concerned was the news that 3D movies, supplied by Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros, would be playable on the new device. Pending more details of studio support, this could be the development that catapults 3D entertainment from the status of passing fad to industry benchmark.

Your new best friend.

Your new best friend.

It was a conference that refused to wind down. With the features on the table and Icarus screened, NoJ boss Sato Iwata took a moment to casually name-drop a few – just a few – of the third party franchises en route to 3DS. Resident Evil. Professor Layton. Street Fighter. Ridge Racer. Kingdom Hearts. Sonic the Hedgehog. Metal Gear Solid. Tidied discreetly into the back-end of Nintendo’s conference were enough red-hot IPs to keep Microsoft and Sony in headlines for years.

There were reminders of the publisher’s fondness for the wider market – another Just Dance title from Ubisoft, a new Mario sports compilation – but otherwise, this was a Nintendo we’d given up hope of seeing again in an E3 conference chamber, a Nintendo with its heart and mind set on gratifying those who used to lose whole days at a time to Super Mario Bros. 3. Welcome home, boys. You should really visit more often.

Were you similarly impressed, readers?

3 Responses to “Nintendo’s E3: welcome back, guys, we’ve missed you”

  1. aj says:

    nintendo today showed they are the greatest video game company eveR

  2. Turok says:

    Nintendo always dominate. They only been holding back and with the 3DS this time nintendo will make sure that PSP dies.

  3. Enchanter says:

    So… It was very impressive. I hope, that the hardware of 3DS will be good. So interesting franchises… What will be the anaswer of Sony???


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