Snazzy terebi gemu fashion at UNIQLO

Official game t-shirts at daft prices! Bring it on, UNIQLO! (Article not sponsored by UNIQLO.)

By J.D., October 22, 2009

500 yen for this beaut? Love ya, UNIQLO!

500 yen for this beaut? Love ya, UNIQLO!

I was shopping for socks at UNIQLO – Japan’s cheapest, best, cheapest, cheapest clothing retail chain – and happened to wander into the t-shirts section. Like some lost old geezer, I was startled by UNIQLO’s funky designs shimmering in the refrigerator-white light of the place. Had I died and gone to retro t-shirt heaven?

Yes I had: even the still-at-full-price ranges of Minna no Golf, Pac-Man and Virtua Fighter tees were 1,500 yen apiece, while the reduced-because-the-summer’s-about-to-fizzle-out category included MSX, Metal Gear and Xevious shirts at – get this – 500 yen each. That’s the price of a beer!

If you’re thinking of sacrificing a pint for a nice print, bear in mind that I found these 500 yenners in Osaka at the end of September… chances are they’ve all gone, but you should probably check out your local UNIQLO on the off chance. They’re very shiny shirts.

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  1. Colonel Willobey says:

    Ah video game t-shirts. Always there so you feel cool when you go into game stores and everyone else can avoid talking to you. But why would they you’re so cool?


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