3D Dot Game Heroes appealing to Japan’s “lost” Famicom generation

Something old, something new…

By J.D., November 2, 2009

From Software is best known for its hangars full of mechs, but 3D Dot Game Heroes, out on PS3 next week, is an altogether different cup of o-cha. Any which way you look at it – and accepting that it is basically parodying the original Legend of Zelda – this is a new direction for “modern retro” (ouch, what a paradox!) gaming.

The trailer (see below) plugs 3D Dot Game Heroes as being “R-30″, i.e. only suitable for players aged 30+, and describes it as a “nostalgic yet new” type of adventure. Admittedly the chronology is slightly confused – we see GameCube controllers and Dual Shocks in the hands of the kids who “grew up and became adults, and in the process stopped being able to see their dreams” – but the target demographic is pretty obvious in spite of such quibbles.

This is a new-old-fashioned RPG aimed specifically at Japan’s hitherto disenfranchised Famicom generation of thirtysomethings – pause – and how that proposal ever made the transition from hopefully pitched document to actual development, From only knows. But I’m glad it did, and I hope that generation responds by buying into the idea; it would be great to have them back.

Check out From’s unique marketing angle for this curious title:

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