The very best of Japanese chiptune, pt. 1: XINON

Mr. 8-bit Awesomeness!

By J.D., November 5, 2009

This is a clip of the noggin-boppingly superb live set of Xinon, one of Japan’s elite Game Boy-wielding chiptune musicians. You have to wait for the minute-mark for the full gusto of this remix of the Ryuichi Sakamoto masterpiece “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” to kick in, but when it does, well, it’s little wonder Xinon can barely keep his hat on!

Xinon has done some fine work for NYC-based chiptune netlabel 8bitpeoples, which you can grab here for FREE. You can also buy his latest CD from, though he makes much of his work free for download via the right-hand column of his own site – where he also offers a chaku-uta rendition of his “Mr. Lawrence” remix, which is just about the best keitai ringtone in the known universe. What a generous chap!

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One Response to “The very best of Japanese chiptune, pt. 1: XINON”

  1. SyntaxError says:

    It sounds like a remix of The Last Ninja music on Commodore 64 !


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