The very best of Japanese chiptune, pt. 2: YMCK

Shibuya-kei reborn through the cassette slot of a Famicom…

By J.D., November 9, 2009

If Xinon is the Richard D. James of Japanese chiptune, YMCK are the microgenre’s Deerhoof. They sound extremely kitsch and their videos contain more juicy pixel-fruit than Bangai-o and Bubble Bobble combined. Aside from mining 8-bit Famicom influences on super-sweet albums such as Family Music, Family Racing and Family Genesis, this Tokyo three-piece also find time to remix J-pop megastars and have even contributed a really nice plug-in for other chiptune artists (or you!) to download and mess around with. Midori, Yokemura, Nakamura – we love ya!

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