Biggest Christmas bonuses in Japan once again paid out by Nintendo

NCL more generous to its employees than Japan Railways, Asahi Beer and Toyota…

By J.D., December 18, 2009


A Nintendo of Japan employee counting her winnings yesterday. (Possibly.)

“Share the wealth” seems to be the motto at Nintendo of Japan, which is only fair since there’s so much wealth to be shared. For the second year running, NCL tops the “Which company in Japan hands out the biggest Christmas bonuses?” survey, outgiving the likes of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., JT (principally a tobacco seller), JFE Steel (a really big metal company), IBM Japan, entertainment/movie company Toho, Asahi Beer, Toyota, Honda, and Japan Railways.

(NCL rival Sony wasn’t even among the top 20 bonus-givers…)

Christmas bonuses are traditionally paid to employees on December 10th, and last week Nintendo of Japan coughed up an average of 1.45 million yen per employee. That’s a typical bonus of £10,000/$16,000. Not sure how many mince pies that would get you, but it would probably be more than you could physically eat.

Here’s the sauce to go with this:

Mmm, sauce.

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