Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) released on iPhone in Japan!

No objections, right?

By J.D., December 22, 2009

Episodic courthouse drama from the master of the genre? 105 yen per episode? Yeah, go on then.

Episodic courthouse drama from the masters of the genre? 115 yen per episode? Yeah, go on then.

Capcom has just released the first iPhone/iPod Touch episode of everyone’s famous law and order comedy, Gyakuten Saiban! In Japan, that is. If you haven’t got a Japanese iTunes account you’re out of luck, but for those who have, the first episode can now be downloaded for a mere 115 yen (£0.80/$1.25). The game streams content from Capcom’s servers, which explains the tiny 2MB file size; the flipside of that is that you can only play when you’re online, so iPod Touch users will need a wi-fi connection before they can begin. Capcom’s plan is to turn out a new episode every month or so, with the price set at 115 yen per installment. The game’s official site is here.

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