Hot new Japanese (re-)release: The Conbini 200X (Xbox 360)

Two pints of Yebisu and a packet of Pocky.

By J.D., December 29, 2009

The Conbini 200X: Japanese "culture" in sim format.

The Conbini 200X: Japanese "culture" in sim format.

What started life in 1992 as a primitive Windows simulation game (“How primitive?” It looked like this!) put together by a virtually unknown Japanese developer called Masterpiece, is these days a multiformat, console-, handheld-, mobile- and computer-spanning series with nearly 1.5 million sales to its name and a dozen separate titles forming its lineage.

Game no. 9 in the series is The Conbini 200X, which was released as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2006 and now finds itself restocked on the virtual (and therefore not much good for carrying eggs) shelves of XBLA’s Games on Demand. This is good news for people in Japan and kind of irrelevant for those who aren’t. The disc-based version was initially sold for something silly like 7,000 yen, but at 2,000 Microsoft Points (roughly 2,940 yen) even a game that looks this dry should be able to succeed:

Hint: stock as much One-Cup Ozeki as you can!

Hint: stock as much One-Cup Ozeki as you can - it comprises 50% of a typical salaryman's daily liquid intake!

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