SEGA’s giant comedy Tetris coin-op drops into Japan’s arcades


By J.D., December 23, 2009

Tetris Dekaris (the title works better in Japanese thanks to its uniform syllable counts: テトリス・デカリス) – SEGA’s new Tetris coin-op with the ridiculously over-inflated joysticks and a 150-inch screen – finally appeared in a Harajuku arcade a few days ago for some location testing. Sadly it hasn’t shown up in my local just yet, so I’m having to content myself with infini-repeat viewing of the official trailer (see above), but the idea of using two hands to push the Deka-lever™ is at the very least a novel one. Look out for a playtest update once Tetris Dekaris is on general release around Japan.

(Footage of actual, not-as-genki-as-the-trailer Tetris Dekaris gameplay can be seen here.)

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