Cash-in jackpot: it’s the Japan-only Michael Jackson PS3!

Nothing cynical here. Move along.

By J.D., January 6, 2010

People will buy this. That's the worrying part.

People will buy this. That's the worrying part.

Not since his bizarre cameo in Space Channel 5 has Michael J. Jackson seemed so alive to so many Japanese gamers. Thanks to Sony Japan’s new Blu-Ray bundle initiative, the nation can now choose between standard PS3 hardware packages, bling-a-ling Final Fantasy XIII bundles, and this: a PS3 with a Jacko Blu-Ray and a silhouette of the recently deceased stamped on every box. Even the FFXIII Lightning PS3 looks tasteful now.

Anyway, if you’re desperate to literally pay your respects, here’s what you’ll find in the 33,500 yen box come January 27th:

- A 120GB PS3 Slim

- A copy of the Michael Jackson: This Is It Blu-Ray

- A Dual Shock 3

- A virtually useless “AV” cable for up-to-date compatibility with vintage 1980s tellies

- A power cable (don’t forget to plug it in)

- A USB cable

No HDMI cable so that you can watch the Blu-Ray in hi-def out of the box, of course. Why would you want one of those?!

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