Gran Turismo 5′s Japan release postponed beyond March 2010

Now listed as “TBC” again. D’oh!

By J.D., January 13, 2010

Late again.

Just when it seemed as though Gran Turismo 5 might actually be released in Japan this March, SCEJ today came out and announced that the game had in fact been postponed again due to “development circumstances”. GT5′s new Japanese release date is – surprise surprise – “TBC”. SCEJ will announce a new release date once it’s settled on one, which is hardly encouraging news.

Gaijin Gamer hereby declares what’s left of January 13th, 2010 as an unofficial day of mourning. I recommend consuming half a dozen Pac-Man cookie & custard cream buns to dull the pain.

Source: Impress Watch

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    Those stupid fuckers.


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