New PSN/XBLA After Burner Climax details!

Can we have Planet Harriers next, please?

By J.D., January 21, 2010


Everyone knew it was coming, but now we now how much it’ll cost, what it’ll feature, and when we’ll be able to play it. In reverse order:

1. After Burner Climax on PSN and XBLA will be available in Japan this “spring” (which probably means April).

2. It will include the After Burner II soundtrack as a bonus; it’ll feature a new “EX Option” mode that enables in-depth modifications to the game itself; there will be global rankings; and the graphics are said to be better-than-arcade-perfect in that the original coin-op’s looks are maintained and even improved with the upgrade to full HD.

3. All this for just 900 yen on PSN and 800 MS Points (about 1,200 yen) on XBLA.

Here’s another screenshot because you deserve it:


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