Pac-Man Chinese-style steamed buns now on sale in conbinis Japan-wide!

Pac-Man’s so sweet.

By J.D., January 13, 2010

Image deftly borrowed from Inside-Games.

This year marks Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, which is reason enough for Namco (sorry, Namco Bandai; still can’t get used to that) to collaborate with Japan’s fourth-best conbini chain, Circle K Sunkus, and produce Pac-Man Chinese-style steamed buns, aka chuka-man (中華まん).

But this isn’t just a Pac-Man-shaped version of your typical meat-filled nikuman (肉まん) variety, oh no: It turns out Pac-Man’s insides are filled with broken cookies and custard cream! If you need a sugar kick and you don’t consider it inhumane to eat Pac-Man, these buns are going for 120 yen each in a Circle K conbini near you. Barf bags not included!

Source: Inside-Games

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