Mario Kart Wii comes to life as Choro Q Hybrid!

…with actual power-up items!

By J.D., February 1, 2010

Green shells not included.

Green shells included!

Imagine driving an actual shell-firing, mushroom-turbo-powered around an actual, albeit plastic and fairly small, circuit: you’ve just imagined Mario Kart Wii Choro Q!

Due to rev up in Japan this June, Takara Tomy’s new Choro Q Hybrid spin on NCL’s classic game is infra-red-controlled and cheapish, with a two-player “Vs. Set” featuring Mario, Yoshi and their respective vehicles available for pre-order at Amazon Japan for 4,570 yen (£31/$50).

Also in the box are some basic track parts, tiny Famicom controller-style remotes, and green shells, mushrooms, banana skins, coins and stars! Items can be used whenever the controllers’ “LED roulettes” stop flashing, with a selection of five power-ups (no lightning bolts, alas) to work with.

Forget 3D TV, kids – infra-red model Mario Kart is the future!

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