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By J.D., February 12, 2010

3D Panasonic women > 3D Panasonic tellies.

3D Panasonic women > 3D Panasonic tellies.

Well, well, well. Panasonic has unveiled its first proper super-full HD 3D Viera flat-screens and they’ll be available in Japan on April 23rd.

In spite of the super specs (in both senses of the term “specs”), the nicely timed unveiling of a 3D BD player, and impressive promo work by a new series of Japanese women who appear to have just arrived on a Galaxy Express from The Future, even the early adopter in me is not tempted to reserve a set at Bic Camera for 428,001 yen (£3,033/$4,758).

That could all change, however, if Sony reveals a 3D PS3 version of .

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