Hudson releases rapid-fire measurement DSiWare

Challenge Takahashi!

By J.D., April 28, 2010

sw01Hudson originally produced a “Shooting Watch” (シュウォッチ) in 1987 at the height of Takahashi Meijin’s popularity. It was a mini Famicom-style joypad device mounted with an LCD timer that could record how quickly you were able to press its buttons. In 2007 Hudson released a replica to commemorate its 20th anniversary, which old man Takahashi modelled like this:

shot02As of today, anyone with access to Japanese DSiWare and 200 DSi Points in their wallet can get a software version of the Shooting Watch called あぁあの懐かしのシュウォッチ (“That Dear Old Shooting Watch”). But it’s actually quite a bit more than the gizmo it’s based on: new features include music from Star Soldier, a proper stopwatch function and “slot game” mode, and the option of signing your best feats to make sure no one else takes the credit.

Check out the inspired demo videos here if you need proof of the value of あぁあの懐かしのシュウォッチ in a social setting!

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