SquEnix brings N64 classic Wonder Project J2 to iMode phones


By J.D., April 13, 2010

Wonder Project J2: anime adventuring from 15 years ago.

Wonder Project J2: anime adventuring from 15 years ago.

Back in 1996, when even the most limited of N64 developers were feverishly working to plagiarise Super Mario 64, and failing, Enix (then without Big Sister Square’s shoulder to cry on) came up with an anime-styled adventure that went completely against the grain. It was called Wonder Project J2, and it starred a girl who was a robot and your quest was to help her become human (as though that’s some kind of step up!). Of course it was never given an official* English-language release.

The news? You can now play this classic on your iMode-capable keitai for 600 yen. And yes, all 6,000 conversational exchanges are preserved just as they were in the N64 original – great for kanji practice!

*If you don’t mind getting your fingernails dirty, click here for the excellent fan translation of the N64 version in shady ROM format.

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