Cave shmup comes to life with resin cast replica ships


By J.D., May 18, 2010

ketsuimodelIf you’ve always dreamed of owning a 1/100 scale resin cast model of one of the two main ships from Cave shmup Ketsui, firstly: respect.

Secondly, that dream can come true if you’re quick to sign up for one of Japanese company RC Berg Ltd.’s super-limited run of Tiger Schwert and Panzer Jager productions! Each kit costs a hefty 14,700 yen (£110/$160) plus delivery. Orders need to be placed here by June 30 at the latest, and RC Berg will start shipping the kits out at the end of June.

RC Berg has form in this field, having recently produced an awesome high-detail replica model of the Type-A ship from Dodonpachi Daioujou as well as this superb Solvalou replica.

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