iPad in Japan: the retail details

It plays games, you know…

By J.D., May 11, 2010

(Image borrowed from Inside-Games)

(Image cheekily borrowed from Inside-Games)

So you live in Japan and fancy some iPad gaming for those times when you’re reclining on the tatami, sipping a vegetable chu-hi and waiting for the somber news bulletin to end before the genki baseball broadcast resumes? Well you’re in luck, as the iPad’s Japan launch is just a few weeks away!

Here are the core details for fans of bullet points and juicy Apple info:

  • Apple Stores, Softbank shops and “electrical retail outlets” around Japan have been accepting iPad reservations since May 10th.
  • The thing will be available to buy, hold and caress on May 28th.
  • Wi-fi models come in at 16GB (48,960 yen – that’s £355/$525 at current rates), 32GB (59,040 yen) and 64GB (68,880 yen).
  • 3G-capable models that feed off Softbank signals are slightly more expensive – 16GB at 58,320 yen, 32GB at 67,920 yen, and 64GB at 77,280 yen.
  • There are two Softbank data subscription plans for 3G net access: a two-year contract at a basic 2,910 yen (£21/$31) per month, and a pre-paid service allowing charges for 1GB of data transfers for 4,410 yen (£31/$47) with no need for a contract.
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