Two more PC-Engine gems encrusted in PSN-J’s Game Archives

A fine brace of shmups!

By J.D., May 19, 2010

gradiusThere doesn’t seem to be any reason behind the schedules for uploading content to PSN/XBLA/wherever. It’s almost like the people at Sony/MS/wherever haven’t bothered to plan months in advance, and instead make do with Tuesday 9.30am “emergency staff meetings” where much coffee is consumed, whiteboards consulted and some bright spark called “Hideki” remembers that Hudson actually left a couple of games on the company servers last week.

It’s just as well for Hideki that both of these PC-Engine titles are excellent examples of a genre popular with “hardcore” Japanese gamers – and we’re not talking bouncing boob observation sims! Nope, 600 yen will instead buy you PS3/PSP-compatible versions of Gradius (pictured above) or Deta na!! Twinbee (pictured below). Both are top titles, with Gradius edging things by a light year or two. No boobs, though, otaku pack. Blame Hideki.


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