New round of Japanese PlayStation classics hits PSN-J

Cheap old games as a post-World Cup pick-me-up? Not necessary if you’re a Japan fan!

By J.D., June 28, 2010

"Zig Zag Ball"? "Cup in!"? What's this?!

"Zig Zag Ball"? "Cup in!"? What's this?!

If you have access to the Japanese PlayStation Store and need some 32-bit happiness to cheer you up after some kind of beating, why not check out the latest round of PlayStation classics? Some of these new additions to the old Game Archives are as cheap as 300 yen – namely the titles from D3 Publisher’s generally excellent Simple 1500 series of games. Read on for the best picks – it’s list ‘em up time!

Zig Zag Ball (600 yen, pictured above) – This one is a primary-coloured amalgamation of pinball, crazy golf and billiards with four-player modes and helpful blue pixies.

The Beach Volley (300 yen) – Eight teams from around the world (including Germany but not including England, which is probably for the best) assemble on a beach of torn polygons to “spike” their way to the final.


The Fureai Simulation 2 (300 yen) – You are a 19-year student who has just failed to get into university and instead you find yourself spending the summer in a part-time job… where there just happen to be five cute girls (*each offering unique personalities!) who are on the hunt for a boyfriend. This one is carefully described by Sony as a “heartrending love story” (really).


Reverthion (600 yen) – This spidery mech shooter looks like a cross between Panzer Dragoon and Virtual On. It’s very crunchy.


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