Weekly Japanese game sales chart (24/5-30/5) – ANALYSED!

And now for the Top Ten in detail…

By J.D., June 9, 2010

Format Title Genre Publisher Release date Price (inc. tax) Sales
1. Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2

ACT Nintendo 27.05.2010 5,800円 339,901
2. DS Super Robot Wars OG

SLG Bandai Namco
27.05.2010 6,090円 80,764
3. DS Sakatsuku! DS World Challenge 2010

SLG SEGA 27.05.2010 5,500円 50,206
4. DS Medabots DS

RPG Rocket Company
27.05.2010 5,040円 50,164
5. DS Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2

RPG Square Enix
28.04.2010 5,490円 33,973
6. PS3 Lost Planet 2 ACT Capcom 20.05.2010 7,990円 33,856
7. PSP Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker ADV KONAMI 29.04.2010 5,229円 25,465
8. PS3 World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010 Blue Samurai Challenge SPT KONAMI 20.05.2010 6,980円 22,168
9. Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii ACT Nintendo 03.12.2009 5,800円 16,279
10. 360 DeathSmiles II X Merry Christmas in the World of Spirits STG Cave 27.05.2010 7,140円 16,112


So those are the current Top Ten best-selling games in Japan, as compiled by Japanese number-counters Media Create and translated by little us. Now let’s look at what those numerals mean, kids, with a few things we can learn from this week’s chart…

LESSON 1: Mario is now once again officially more popular than Ebi-chan, with two titles in the Top Ten, one of which has been there for six months (NSMB Wii), while Galaxy 2 immediately benefits from its Arashi-approved status.

LESSON 2: Japan is optimistic about its chances at the World Cup, with both Sakatsuku! DS World Challenge and the “Blue Samurai Challenge” version of Winning Eleven stoked by the ludicrous notion that Okada’s team might get past the second round (blame the “optimism-beats-realism” notion sponsored by the Japanese media).

LESSON 3: Cave ain’t caving in! Shmups are ALIVE! Death smiles on the 16,000 shmup-otaku extant in 2010 Japan!

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