PSN Video Delivery Service goes live in UK

Complete with the following promotional deal: get Transformers free if you register in November.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, November 19, 2009

Sony Europe’s new video rental and download service is yours for the plundering on PlayStation Network this side of the Atlantic. Fancy catching up with X-men Origins: Wolverine on your PSP? Jump in. Oh wait, that’s the other one.

You’ll find the new features under “Video Store” on the PS Store. There are reportedly over 2,000 flicks on offer, with rentals priced from €1.99 (good for a fortnight, or for 48 hours after beginning playback) and full purchases from €7.99. Launch titles include Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Valkyrie, Bruno, Dead Space: Downfall and the new Star Trek film.

No complete series of Spaced = no sale, Sony.

No complete series of Spaced = no sale, Sony.

Naturally, SCEE is celebrating the service’s first birthday with a promotion or two. Already got a PSN account? You can pick up The Da Vinci Code for free if you buy Angels and Demons. Not on PSN yet? Register between 19th and 30th November and a complimentary copy of Transformers will hit your digital doormat. Swimming in riches, us PlayStation Networkers.

Full press release below. UPDATE: Sony’s released a trailer.

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