Red Steel 2 “could work fantastically” on Sony wand – Ubisoft Paris

But wouldn’t be a “natural fit” for Project Natal at present.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, February 22, 2010


Platform warz time. Chatting to VGD at a preview event last week, Red Steel 2′s Creative Director Jason VandenBerghe expressed his belief that the game would function swimmingly on Sony’s motion control wand, but is less suited to Microsoft’s more advanced Project Natal tech. Or at least, to what he knows of it.

“I think it could work fantastically with the Sony wand,” he said, when asked whether the stabby-shooty action fest had a future beyond the Wii, but went on: “With this kind of game you need a thumbstick, that’s the only real constraint. For walking around at least, I haven’t seen a solution.

“Microsoft may come forward and show me something I haven’t seen before, which makes me understand how you can play a first-person action game like this that requires this intense finesse and accuracy in your motion, and not have a controller in your hand of some kind.

“But I think we need to have a thumbstick. I think this is probably a more natural fit for the Sony side of things right now, but I don’t think Microsoft is showing all of its cards right now either.

“And that’s not an insider release – I don’t know. I just don’t buy it. There’s more coming, there has to be more. And you know what, I would love to play these games.”

Specifically, VandenBerghe wouldn’t mind getting his hands on an on-rails slasher.

“I would also, for the record, love to play an on-rails first-person swordfighting game with Natal. Love to! House of the Dead with a sword? Sounds fantastic to me.”

Wonder what he’d make of a hands-free Killer Instinct?

Red Steel 2 is out in March. Peruse the full interview with Jason here.

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