Conviction dev “hungry” for Splinter Cell movie

The ‘biggest question’ is who would play Sam Fisher.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, March 2, 2010


Ubisoft’s future, it tells us, is in media ‘convergence’, in migrating top-selling game franchises to non-gaming platforms. The publisher has made determined inroads on home film and cinema in the past couple of years, opening a dedicated CGI studio in Canada and sinking its fingers deep into James Cameron’s wondrous, 3D-flavoured, Avatar-shaped pie (with mixed results, admittedly).

Small wonder, then, that Splinter Cell: Conviction’s Creative Director Maxime Beland is very receptive to the idea of a Splinter Cell movie.

“I’m very hungry for a Splinter Cell movie,” Beland told us at a recent preview gig. “I think Sam Fisher is a great character, I would love to see him right next to Jason Bourne and right next to James Bond, because I think he fits there. So I would love for a Splinter Cell movie to be made.

“Can Ubisoft make a movie? Can Ubisoft make it 3D, like a real footage and 3D movie Splinter Cell? I think so. I would almost say it’s just a matter of time before we end up doing that.”

Of course, the limelight-hogging Assassin’s Creed series is likely to get the silver screen treatment first. Ubisoft put together a sequence of short, highly glossy internet films to accompany the second game’s appearance. “I think Assassin’s Creed right now is such a great franchise for Ubisoft that it makes sense that we make movies out of that also. But I don’t see why we wouldn’t do it for Splinter Cell.”

When asked who he’d cast as Sam Fisher, Beland was uncertain. “It’s probably the biggest question. The biggest questions are probably ‘who is going to play Sam Fisher?’ and ‘do you keep Michael Ironside for Sam’s voice?’

“There is a big decision there, because Michael Ironside is Sam Fisher.” Only balder and not as easy on the eyes, right?

Watch out for the full interview with Beland and our hands-on report later this month. Conviction gets here in April for PC and 360, and it’s looking super-fabulous in a gravelly, smash-your-head-against-the-toilet-door kind of way.

9 Responses to “Conviction dev “hungry” for Splinter Cell movie”

  1. Brush says:


    About 7 Guinness popups opened when i visited the site today.

    whoever is serving your ads are serving about 5 – 8 to each visitor.

    bit of an overkill.

    They actually announced a Splinter cell movie years back (one of the games had a teaser trailer in it). But it’d make a pretty average movie imo…fortunately makes for a good game.

    Let ol Ironside play him, and have Rutger Hauer as the baddie…grandpa vs grandpa

  2. Edwin says:

    Hmmm I haven’t noticed any ad problems, but will look into it.

    Somehow I can’t see Ironside doing the splits across a corridor… ;)

  3. DR Jam says:

    If they want to go with Sam Fisher as a big star powerhouse, George Cloney kinda looks like I him, although I’m personally not a big fan of his acting and I think he’s overrated, although as a person I respect him for his activism and just being someone who is worthy to emulate.

    Otherwise, I really thing they should go with a face that is not in countless blockbuster movies such as Brad Pitt because it would sell the character better IMO.

    I love Michael Ironside, but him on the silver screen as Sam Fisher would be wierd because he hasn’t aged as gracefully as, per say Samuel Jackson–who can still pull off 40yr/o roles, Sam has to be played buy someone like John Travolta–strictly talking about the age and how he can look like an experienced man that is still tough enough to be intimidating by his presence alone.

  4. DR Jam says:

    But if it turns out as a CGi movie, Michael Ironside all the way.

  5. LaPa says:

    If it’s goin to be a non-CG-Movie, i think David Dayan Fisher ‘d be perfect. Even his Name fits in :D

  6. basilkmaster says:

    hi guys…yeah that be freakin awsome to make splinter cell series into a movie…take parts from each game..police level in no.1 train ride and jungle level in pandora tomorrow(aka..tommy lee jones as sadano)
    with lambert(aka samuael jackson)..that be super!!
    who to play uncle sam himself..hmm if its CGI..then michael ironside..if real version…hmm…jason statham definetly looks the part..hes done great movies..transporter..the action movies..

  7. Jon says:

    I’m sure a good make-up artist can give Michael Ironside some hair

  8. Emre says:

    Splinter cell would be an amazing movie but I suggest downplaying the past games into maybe a flashback at the beginning or an intro then have conviction be the big storyline because otherwise I can’t see a very movie-wort

    hy story

  9. awatson says:

    Micheal Ironside’s voice is Sam Fisher’s. It would just be too weird if someone else voiced him.


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