Dead Rising films to get console exclusivity on Xbox Live

Microsoft’s money-hat cannon works its magic once again.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, July 15, 2010

Any PC agnostics ravenous for a taste of Capcom’s spin-off film series Zombrex Dead Rising Sun had better invest in an Xbox 360. The publisher just emailed to let us know that the premiere will air exclusively over Xbox Live on 4th August, pipping even the Dead Rising Sun website to the post.

We’ve phoned to enquire after a possible PSN release. No response as yet – we’ll update the article as and when. Full show timetable after the cut. Keiji Inafune directed it, and you can find the teaser here.

Date Episodes Location
August 4 1,2,3 Xbox Live
August 11 1,2,3
August 11 4,5 Xbox Live
August 18 4,5
August 18 6,7 Xbox Live
August 25 6,7
August 25 8 Xbox Live
September 1 8

One Response to “Dead Rising films to get console exclusivity on Xbox Live”

  1. Brush says:

    Well, anyone reading this can watch it at their site, so…perhaps save them having to answer calls, leave em in peace.

    Dead Rising case zero, would involve money, and as luck would have it, the original game was an exclusive to the 360, so it manages to make some sense to slap a bit in there for 360 owners to bridge the gap between 1 and 2.

    This, probably wouldn’t involve doller i’d suspect, especially given it’s on their site at the same time. Try phoning Sony, and asking them if they charge publishers any bandwidth fees for putting stuff up on PSN – it just might be the answer, very often demos go up slightly earlier on xbox for no other reason i can think of than they’d rather the multi console owners don’t eat up bandwidth fees on PSN..i might be mad.

    And anyone ravenous for Dead Rising, absolutely must get an xbox as the original game is an absolute classic, given the sequel is developed in canada and drops the time constraint, i’d think 72 hours in the Wilammette Mall will hold it’s ‘uniqueness’ rather well too.


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