Green Man Gaming reveals PC summer offers

Metacritic “Sizzling 70s” and more up for grabs.

By Kikizo Staff, August 4, 2010

Our pals at Green Man Gaming (see our feature on them here) have just sent out a members’ notice about their crazy summer offers. God only knows how these guys make any money.

Big deal, you might say, until you remember this is the only game retailer to offer digital trade-ins. Meaning, if you take a punt on a certain release (and there are tonnes of bargains and low prices to be found), you just trade it straight back for fresh game purchasing power.

Basically they’ve got But 1 Get 1 Free on ALL STOCK, as well as a promo they’re calling “Sizzling 70s” – seven games all scoring 70 or higher on Metacritic, all for a limited time, blah blah blah… our advice, go take a look to be sure that you don’t miss out.

Check the news out at GMG here.

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