The Sims: Medieval is for RPG and strategy game fans too

EA not worried about new choice of setting shrinking Sims franchise’s appeal.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, November 5, 2010

Real gamers don’t have time for games like the Sims, right? They’ve got better things to do – dropping heal spells on undead armies, buffing their archers and unlocking sweep attacks for their barbarian warlords.

Not so! says EA. When the Sims: Medieval reaches shelves in March, the publisher reckons players of Proper Games, like Swordgrasper 5: The Bludgeoning and Tales of Tales of Tales Destiny X, will be queuing up alongside the “casual” massive.

Aaron Cohen said so, and he’s Senior Marketing Director. You don’t gainsay a Senior Marketing Director, people. “The thing about Medieval is that this is for people who like the medieval setting – it’s for people who do like RPGs and strategy games.

“And I think we found from all the researchers that Sims people, they like the medieval setting too. The medieval setting has been explored so much in popular culture and books, everything from Shakespeare to Tolkien to King Arthur to Robin Hood.

“The medieval setting is a rich, evocative setting that people can tell stories with. People like medieval kings, queens and knights. So by marrying the Sims to it we’re just giving people new stories to tell.

“Sims fans want new stories to tell with their Sims, and there is a segment of RPG and strategy gamer who really enjoy the story-based aspects of those games, who will come over and enjoy this as well.”

Wishful thinking or sound market sense? You wield the gavel, readers. Find the full interview here.

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