Forza Motorsport 3 Review

Forza 3 gets a free holiday season as a certain Sony racer gets stuck in the pit lane. Does Turn 10′s finely tuned beast have the BHP to take first place?

By Rupert Higham, October 27, 2009

Getting started with Forza Motorsport 3 is an unintentional advert for Blu-ray. Before you boot up the game you are presented with the usual optional install (though this one clocks in at an unusually large seven GB), a second content install disc containing a further two GB of content, then finally a DLC scratch card to download just under another GB of content.

I’m not entirely sold on Sony’s insistence on Blu-ray capacity being essential for gaming, but setting up Forza 3 really feels like going back to the Amiga days of multi-floppy disc installs. Let’s just say it’s not surprising that Microsoft chose to release a special edition Forza 3 console complete with 250 GB hard drive.


Ten times the polygons of Forza 2, noticeable in situations like this.

Having force-fed the 360 hard drive with nearly ten gigs worth of shiny vehicles you may think it’s safe to assume you would have a smooth loading-free time, though nothing could be further from the truth. Waits between races are agonisingly long and really do beg the question – if there is more data available for instant access on my hard drive than there is on the disc, why is this taking so long?

Casting those irritating technical issues aside, it’s only fair to ask what Turn 10 have changed in the two years since the critically acclaimed Forza 2. Forza is often dismissed as nothing more than Microsoft’s Gran Turismo, and while that could be seen as much as a compliment as a slur, Forza 3 clearly plays to its strengths, building on the unique features that separate Microsoft’s exclusive from Sony’s. Forza has built a solid reputation for creating a strong community of racers and moders and Forza 3 has expanded this aspect greatly with the introduction of the storefront.


It's a car and it's orange. Some screen shots really don't give you much to work with

The storefront is an Xbox Live Gold-only option that allows petrol-heads and designers alike to pedal their wares to the Forza community. Forza 2 only permitted production models to undergo the paintwork-Picasso treatment while the third game is more than happy for you to take a 1989 Ferrari F40 Competizione and childishly scrawl dobbers all over it. If others in the Forza community share your interest in defiling million pound sports cars with phallic imagery, you can sell it for in-game credits that you can use to buy other logos and designs. There’s even the option for eBay-style auctions and achievements for last-minute sniping.


Remember when draw distance used to be a big issue in racing games? No, Forza 3 doesn't either.

While Gran Turismo 5 is getting ready to implement body-damage to cars, Forza has long since allowed such destructive desires to be indulged. It’s only with this third iteration however that you can finally flip cars, which when you consider the sophistication of the physics engine, was painfully long-overdue. Further increasing realism options, the interior view puts you right in the driver seat, though the relatively minute dash-board dials still necessitate the HUD.

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51 Responses to “Forza Motorsport 3 Review”

  1. Ghinaz says:

    Red wing mirrors are standard mirrors on ABARTH 500 :)

  2. Brush says:

    Ok, so you start the review with the merits of Blu Ray, and end talking about Gran Tourismo 5.

    To be perfectly honest, the review was utter wank.

    I think comparing games isn’t the way to review, just take Forza on it’s own, rate it, tell us about it.

    Because here you’re either putting a prologue game above a content packed one (which would be odd), or more likely – rating Forza against the experience you expect GT5 will be. Which is utter lunacy.

    Anyway, new site looks nice eh!

  3. Brush says:

    though it is still trailing in Gran Turismo 5’s slipstream for the title of finest racing simulation ever.

    ..That statement…oh dear

    • Rupert Higham says:

      I agree that each game should be taken on its own merit, but to ignore the comparison between Forza and Gran Turismo would be akin to ignoring the comparison between FIFA and Pro Evo – they are both attempting to replicate the same real-life experience.

      For the record, I was comparing it to GT5 Prologue, which I would say is a fairly good indicator of how GT5 will eventually turn out.

      • Brush says:

        Hi Rupert, thanks for taking the time to reply.

        I’m afraid i still disagree, I think you have a perfectly valid point that like Pro Evo and Fifa they are aiming for the same thing (save for things like the community stuff perhaps?)

        But…i still think the following statement is basically, unfair

        though it is still trailing in Gran Turismo 5’s slipstream for the title of finest racing simulation ever.

        I don’t beleive you can make that statement yet..if you think Prologue is better than Forza, by all means state that (or that you prefer the driving model in prologue, which i imagine is what you are getting at).

        Sure in 6 months time your comment might fall into place, and GT5 may outshine Forza…but that’s not happened yet, and as of now, this is probably the best racing sim available (it’s your opinion, i can respect that, but to me the context you slapped it in is simply not fair on the Forza devs)

        When Bayonetta is reviewed, you just don’t state at the end that the unreleased God Of War 3 is better…and that’s akin to what you’ve managed to do here.

        I think i know exactly what you were getting at, and it’s just a case of wording (GT5 strictly speaking being the full unreleased game)…it’s just the way it comes across..not quite right

        • Rupert Higham says:

          I also thank you for taking time to reply. I think there has been some misunderstanding, and in fairness, I could have made it more explicitly clear. You are right; I am saying that I find the driving model in GT5 Prologue to be superior to the driving model in Forza 3.

          I perhaps erroneously assumed that everybody saw GT5 Prologue as a fair representation of what GT5 will be. Kazunori Yamauchi has been quoted as saying: “in terms of quality and features of the game, and in terms of functionality, GT5 Prologue will ultimately reach an equivalent level to GT5. I think the major difference between Prologue and GT5 will be the number of cars and courses that will be included within the game, in that there will be many more.” This to me says that the GT5 Prologue I have extensively played and enjoyed more than Forza 3 is not going to be any different in form to the GT5 I will play next year. If anything the addition of crash physics and GTTV will improve the experience, but leaving those assumptions aside, I do prefer GT5 Prologue to Forza 3.

          Obviously the number of cars and courses available in Forza 3 is greater than GT5 Prologue, but we are not playing the numbers game here – if we were, at 830 cars, GT PSP would be the best game, and I don’t believe for one moment that is the case.

          Your example of comparing a Bayonetta review to a demo of God of War 3 is exactly the kind of thing I would never do. Games like those are judged on art direction, pacing, variety, boss design, learning of new moves, etc – all things that could never be fairly assessed without the finished review code. A racing simulator is judged on accuracy, controls, interface, physics, etc – all elements that can be evaluated from a 70 car/12 course variation “demo”. Being that both games are tied to the reality they are striving to replicate, it’s not unfair to assume that the remaining content will live up to the same standard.

          • Brush says:

            *doffs cap*

            It’s just a wording thing…by all means keep the review the same, but the correct wording may have been something like ‘the driving experience in GT5Prologue is still the best’ or something like that.

            These titles, whilst similar, sit across two competing consoles, so i don’t envy the task of rating them tbh….personally, i don’t think they need too much comparison, but that’s my own opinion – thing is, if they do get compared, a whole other level of scrutiny comes into play, both on wording (guilty as charged) and how you compare them…online for example…one is clear daylight ahead

            anyway depends what floats your boat, a reviewer is entitled to his opinion and i’d rather see that than pandering to what the audience/metacritic expects, so i shall as they say, get off your nuts now.

  4. Oh come now, you’ll forgive us the odd dodgy metaphor :)

  5. Leopard says:

    i wonder why loading takes so long even after installing the entire 10gb game onto the HDD.

    • massapeal79 says:

      who give a fuck if take 10 gig just play the game u tell me that gt5 come out it not going take gigs when u install it come now stop the bull shit and who now if gt5 might get delayed u now how sony is delays after delays gt5 should ben out all ready think about. two forza motor sports game came out all ready now how about sony gt5 at o next years so far away sony take to long…

  6. Bryan says:

    Why the need to point out the preference for GT5 in this article? Hopefully when reviewing GT5 (if its at all similar to GT5P and past GT games) you’ll remember to point out the lack of different feel for each and every car. The banging on garbage can sounds used for each time you have a collision in the game. The lack of actually being able to do more than just change the color of the car (talking livery editor here), giving you a personal attachment to each car you take the time to decorate. I could go on and on. Sadly, GT has gone on and on doing the same tired thing. Adding more cars and finally adding damage doens’t mean better. Just reviw Forza without the comparison.

    • Rupert Higham says:

      As I said previously, this isn’t like comparing two abstract visions of racing – they are both trying to achieve the same goal of realistically simulating driving. They go about it from different perspectives – Forza with the customisation and communal aspect (which I believe I did praise) and Gran Turismo with the sheer volume of content and attention to detail.

      You do raise a number of fair points with regard to areas that Forza 3 beats Gran Turismo and if I get the chance to review GT5, I would feel it was fair to compare, even in if it was in Forza’s favour.

      You have yourself compared Forza 3 to GT to illustrate Forza’s merits. Is it the comparison you take exception to or the fact that we reached different conclusions?

      • Bryan says:

        In reading your article, it felt like your were bringing up points so that at the end you could merely use this review to reinforce your preference of GT games. I provided a few things I felt that were either left out or brushed lightly over in the review. While I respect your (or anyone’s) preference for a particular game, I feel that if in writing a review you must compare two games against each other then don’t neglect to compare other aspects. While Forza may not be perfect (what game is?), there are many more positives than negatives, and thats not the impression I got from your review (even though you gave it an 8, which isn’t shabby at all).

        • Rupert Higham says:

          Those are fair comments and I tried to highlight the areas that Forza outshone GT (crash damage, community, modding, accessibility) and I definitely agree that Forza 3’s positives vastly out-weigh any short-comings.

  7. nasim says:

    forza3 looks like a ps2 game. the game is already a flop

    it bombed in both japan and europe in terms of sales…sucks to be TURN 10

    GT5 will outsell all x360 franchises based on just 1st day ww sales

    • Rupert Higham says:

      Not really the case. Forza 3 was second in the UK all-formats charts last week, which for a single-format game is really quite successful. Also using Japanese 360 sales data is quite redundant, what with its popularity in that region, not to mention the way the Japanese market would view a Western challenger to their world-leading franchise.

      As for it looking like a PS2 game… That’s just flamebait. It’s a fantastic looking game, even if it do think GT5 Prologue has the edge graphically.

    • massapeal79 says:

      forza 3 look like a ps2 game if say that gt5 look like a ps1 game before u compare forza to get gt5 i have both gt5p and forza 3 and i have to gt5p look a little better but not by much i now that for shoe because i have a 1080p lg tv and i compare them so dont talk shit ok …

      • Rupert Higham says:

        I’m not sure if something got lost in translation here but I’m actually agreeing with you. As stated in the review, and in my response to nasim, Forza 3 does not look like a PS2 game – it looks incredible.

  8. Robert Kresic says:

    So you’ve found the GT demo a more satisfying experience then the full completed version of Forza 3?

    How you could even compare the two with GT in its present state is beyond me, to state that the demo is a good representation of the final product is a poor excuse for obvious bias.

    Based on my play time with the GT demo, I was left with the feeling of same old same old.

    Each new version of GT has led to a quicker and quicker level of bordem while playing the career modes.

    As some one who actually races on a world class track (Mid Ohio), Forza leaves me with a far more convincing and satisfying experience than GT has in quit some time.

    The GT demo is a very poor idea of what the final version will be like.

    So to compare it at present really takes away from a decent review.

    • Rupert Higham says:

      I (like I suspect the majority of gamers) have never had the pleasure of racing an expensive sports car around a world class track, so if you are speaking from a position of experience and authority, I am in no position to argue that Forza 3 is more “realistic”. What I will say is that lacking that true-life experience, I can only qualify my opinions by listening to professionals (such as those in I’ve watched in the GT academy among other places) that say GT5 prologue is a very authentic experience. In addition to this I overlay my own perception of what it would feel like, and for me, GT5 Prologue feels more right. I find weight shifts more convincingly and I have a fuller appreciation for the “bulk” of the vehicles. While the pursuit of realism is the ultimate goal of both games, they will always go through gamers’ perception of what is real, what ever the truth.

      Hope that didn’t sound too pretentious and philosophical. : )

  9. Robert Kresic says:

    I’m curious nasim, where have you seen that the game is bombing in Europe?
    My cousins in Croatia say its selling like crazy their.
    And a friend in Italy says the same.
    As far as the game looking like a PS2 game graphically?
    Dont have a 360 ehhh, LOL.

  10. Jubey04 says:

    “though it is still trailing in Gran Turismo 5’s slipstream for the title of finest racing simulation ever.” I just have a problem with this statement, Forza 3 is the most real simulation of racing on consoles, just check any interview to see the amount of thing the physics engine is tracking. Yamauchi never talks about that.

    • Rupert Higham says:

      Yamauchi has been extolling the virtues of GT5 Prologue and GT5′s physics on the PR curcuit for years as a quick Goolge search of “Kazunori Yamauchi Physics” will testify.

  11. Well it’s good to see the comments system works!

  12. Jim says:

    My problem with this review, although not the score itself is that you simply CAN’T compare a game with a future release!

    Why don’t you compare it to GT6 while you’re at it? Huh?

  13. ClassicalGas says:

    “There’s no doubting Forza 3’s status as the finest racing simulation on the 360, though it is still trailing in Gran Turismo 5’s slipstream for the title of finest racing simulation ever.”

    Oh, you guys. Not only do you fabricate previews and interviews, but now you’re fabricating game experiences. You haven’t even played GT5 and no, the demo does NOT count. Well done Doree and co, yet again.

    • Rupert Higham says:

      I’m not sure if you’re being pedantic, sardonic or you really believe I’m saying that I’ve played the finished GT5. For the record, I’m basing my comparison on Forza 3 and GT5 Prologue, which according to Yamauchi is extremely representative of GT5.

  14. Rupert Higham says:

    Overall, thanks for the response guys. It’s good to see that Forza has built up such a loyal fan-base willing to get in-depth on the discussion.

    As a final point of interest, and to avoid any further misunderstanding, would people rather I changed the final sentence to explicitly say “GT5 Prologue”?

  15. massapeal79 says:

    2 forza game came out all ready were the fuck is gt5 o lost in japan some were sony slow at bring game out people tell me if i am right or wrong gt5 should ben out all ready so we can compare them o before u people bring up gt5p that just a demo with no damage dam fuck demo that is fucking sad… cant talk no more sony is lost on racing game….

  16. sbtm says:

    hehe.. funny. How is forza still trailing in gt5′s slipstream? i don’t really understand. everything that GT5 will have is slightly better lighting effects (not graphics), headtracking and more (mostly useless) cars than FM3. But GT5 will have a big lack of community features and fun. And i really doubt that it will have better physics. So why is FM3 in GT5′s slipstream?

    And i don’t know what console you have but my loading time is short between the races.

    My friend is a GT fan and played FM3 on my 360.. now he sold his PS3 and bought a 360 with FM3 lol

    405 cars? hm i count 417.


    • Rupert Higham says:

      I’ve detailed why I prefer GT5 Prologue in earlier replies, but to address your unique points – I have a launch model Elite and the loading times are a big deal. Checking GameFaqs (not always always the most accurate information resource in the world, but hey) and I am not alone in noticing the hefty loading times. I may not take such an issue with them if I hadn’t loaded nearly ten gigs of data on to my hard drive already.

      As for car count – Obviously I didn’t unlock all 400 plus cars in the game as l didn’t have the luxury of a month or more of hardcore play. Even Turn 10′s site is ambiguous with the numbers; I guess because of the variation between pre-order bonuses cars (at least two in the UK), Limited Edition bonus cars (ten) and DLC. Did you have any of these bonus cars?

  17. Chris says:

    Wow, such a bias review. It’s pathetic, really; this has to be one of the worst reviews I’ve read in my LIFE.

    This site just lost all credibility.

    • Rupert Higham says:

      Fair enough, you did not enjoy the review, but there is a difference between a bias and a preference. If I believed Forza 3 was better, I would have no problem admitting that.

  18. shawn durran says:

    You’re review screams bias so badly that it’s hard to take it as a serious one. You’re supposed to be professional; you can’t let console/franchise biases run your review.

    You’re comparing a full, AAA game to a game that isn’t even out yet because of what you “believe” it will be? How sad is that? Will you be sure to mention GT5 not having a lot of Forza’s highly acclaimed features that Polyphony seemingly has no plans to put in their GT franchise in your GT5 review? Probably not; your obvious bias indicates you’ll probably try to avoid that.

    The most accredited sim fansite and reviewers in the genre,, has a 20 minute review. They’re harsh when they need to be and express all points a sim fan will want to hear, and you know what score they give Forza 3?

    An 89, their highest score ever by 6 points. You know what they gave GT5:P, the demo you’re comparing a full AAA game to? 71.25. They’re harsh when needed but it’s enjoyable because it’s a real, honest review. Yours is pure spewed bias. Why mention Blu-Ray in a Forza 3 review? Do you also attack the fact that most PS3 games have mandatory installs?

    You keep repeating the same thing in comments to people attacking your credibility and don’t even know how many cars are in the game. It’s over 420 (424?), by the way.

  19. Mike says:

    First of all, I must say that it’s obvious you preferred Gran Turismo 5 over Forza 3 before you even played Forza 3. (or Gran Turismo 5, for that matter)

    Gran Turismo’s strong point has always been it’s presentation. I agree that Forza 3 is slightly lagging behind GT5 Prologue in this area (mainly it’s cutscenes, music, and replays). However, Turn 10 have taken quite a leap from Forza 2. I would say that at this point the difference in graphics and presentation between the two franchises is negligable. Turn 10 has continued to innovate whithin the racing simulation genre, while we’re still waiting for GT5 to catch up to Forza 2′s list of features.

    Even if you don’t use the livery editor, photo mode, or race online often there’s so much to do in Forza 3 that I don’t see how anyone could recommend GT5 Prologue (which is a mere slice of a full game) over the complete package that is Forza 3.

    I thought the driving model in Forza 2 was amazing but I went 3 laps in Forza 3 with a permanent smile on my face. Don’t let your loyalty to the Gran Turismo franchise cloud your judgement. When GT5 finally comes out, then let’s compare. But for now we should admit that Forza 3 is the most complete and satisfying racing simulator available.

    Sorry for the long comment

  20. Blake says:

    Forza 3 got the same review score as Need For Speed Shift. lol This website has some revising to do.

  21. JP says:

    Fair review. The 360 fanboys are just pissed because it didn’t get a 10.

  22. Brush says:


    I think you’ll find the moans are not about score

    I think the issue is that GT5 has to come to the fore in a Forza3 review (for me anyway). The reviewer explained clearly why he did this, so that’s fine, but it’s also Ok for people to question why.

    For example, if the reviewer mentions he listens a lot to what the developer of GT5 says, and brings up the ‘GT Academy’(what is that?) it may be that he might not be as open to see Forza for it’s own merits (or maybe he’s also up on all the barmy science stuff behind it – i don’t know)

    But…there’s a difference between questioning whether someone’s giving a title a fair roll of the dice and moaning about scores.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter all that much really, i’m sure people who are interested in the game will get it, and those who are waiting for GT will get that…and i think that separation between the titles is probably needed seeing as there’s a Man City/Man United divide between the two!

  23. Vince says:

    “There’s no doubting Forza 3’s status as the finest racing simulation on the 360, though it is still trailing in Gran Turismo 5’s slipstream for the title of finest racing simulation ever.”


    I agree. lol

    I thought this was a good review. I think you’re the only person to give this game an 8/10 and I find that fitting for the most part. I have put in a lot of time into playing GT5:P and I do find it to offer a better driving experience in my oppinion. People complain about Gran Turismo games seeming to take forever to be released, but it’s a game worth waiting for. The amount of detail put into the game is ridiculous. There’s a reason why it takes so long. Looking at a couple things, I wish Turn 10 could have taken more time to perfect the game further if possible. I think in an interview they took pride in being able to get a good game out there quick, or much faster then Gran Turismo, but with any game in general I would prefer it to be released later if it means an even better gaming experience. But that’s me.

    Like Rupert Higham, I’m not saying that Forza 3 is a bad game, it’s far better than most other racing games available. But in my opinion, Gran Turismo still takes the cake in offering a greater driving experience. Especially with more 3rd party race wheel support, I don’t know why 360 doesn’t (probably not Forza’s fault, really wish I could use my Momo wheel with it) :S

  24. lans says:

    Great review thanks for being honest, in your review even though you put your head on the chopping block.

    Racing Suzuka on Prologue on GT5 prologue is so much more rewarding than on forza 3. The handling is so much better and the gt cars handle so differently.

    Forza handling is weird i break in middle of corners or anywhere i feel on the track and i can get away with. there is less smooth driving and more fully on the throttle and fully breaking. i loss too much time trying to drive smoothly in forza so i dont really need to follow the driving line unlike ferrari challenge and g5 prologue where you’re punished quite badly

  25. Tom says:

    Hey Rupert Higham you stupid fuck! you think GT5 Prologue is better then Forza 3? you realy don’t know your raceing games very well do you? hey you stupid fuck go play “crash team raceing” thats more your realistic type of raceing game.

  26. Evan Edwins-Thirwell says:

    Sorry everyone, i had a typo, Forza 3 really gets a 2, GT1 is better than this piece of crap excuse for a game

  27. Rhett Mash says:

    Let’s put the fanboy talk aside.
    Honestly, I find this review to be a little shortcoming and tainted with love for the other game/platform. I have probably read a whole bunch of reviews for this game from various sites and unanimously it seems to be getting rave reviews. After having read and then finally playing the game myself, I have to agree with them. While every ohter review commends Forza 3 for being fun despite being a sim, here we are talking about how it slipstreams. IMO, this review seem to be more impressed with the graphical capabilities of GT and tends to base a lot of things on that.

    You might disagree, but in comparison to other reviews for this game, this review seems a little shallow.

  28. You Hae Dis? says:

    Wow, I actually loved this review. I read it and for the first time in many months I have laughed out loud and actually really enjoyed it. Extremely well written.

    Yes, GT5 Prologue and eventually GT5 itself will probably be more “into it” than Forza 3, with a much more hardcore system that gets down to the dirt and grit and as-real-as-it-gets racing experience. Yes, it may have better physics, better graphics, and a better feel of realism. Yes, it is extremely accurate and has insane attention to detail. However, where I find it falls short in my department is that it is missing just one little thing. It isn’t as FUN as Forza. You don’t get the feeling of freedom, fun, and just overall easy-going pace as Forza 3. But, Forza 3 can back that up with excellent physics and great looking graphics as well, but you don’t have to go so hardcore that your knuckles go white and your ears bleed. I find it will probably turn out to be a better experience for me, (although I have not played GT5 Prologue yet), and I think I will enjoy it more than GT5.

    Also, I REALLY need a good steering wheel, with an H-Pattern shifter and a clutch pedal to fully enjoy either game. I’ve been playing on a 26 inch-ish 780p-something TV, and I’ve actually gotten used to it. However, I’ve played it on my friend’s 1080p 48 inch LCD, and it looks OUTSTANDING, especially considering I have terrible eyesight and everything is blurry. I don’t like to wear glasses, so I have gotten used to just having everything a bit fuzzy. I have been playing with a controller, and I am longing for a high-quality steering wheel, but I just don’t have the money to go out buying a $300 piece of gaming equipment.

    I just think that Forza is just that little bit funner. Great review, and some great discussions. Finally a reviewer who goes and haves actual conversations with the community.

    I’m out, for now.

  29. Lars says:

    “Having force-fed the 360 hard drive with nearly ten gigs worth of shiny vehicles”

    Your credability just sank to the bottom. You don’t have to download anything to your HDD as it’s optional.
    The extra content of cars and tracks only requires 2 GB which I think is a small amount of disc space.
    Collectors edition content requires a single GB more ofc but that’s extra VIP DLC content that shouldn’t count in a review of the basic game.
    And the full install of them game is completely unecessary.
    So instead of stating “Forza 3 is a 10 GB download OMG we need Blu-Ray!”
    It should be more like
    “For all the cars and tracks you need a 2GB install on the HDD”

  30. Rupert Higham says:

    Thanks for the positive comments, I’m glad some of you enjoyed the review. Reader interaction is definitely the way to go. I’m not arrogant enough to presume that my review is absolute without any room for critique, so I’m happy to engage in debate or address differences of opinion.

    Lars: The reviews clearly states that disc 1 install is optional. I think it was right to draw attention to the unusually large size of the install (almost the entire dual-layer disc) and the fact that the loading times change the “optional” install into a pretty much “essential”. Also, I wasn’t talking about the collector’s edition VIP DLC, but the DLC card featuring extra tracks and cars that ships with ALL copies of Forza 3.

    While browsing this month’s Games TM I noticed that they opened their review in exactly the same way, drawing attention to the install space required and the benefits of Blu-ray.

    Whether you agree with the sentiment of the review or not, from a professional point of view, it wasn’t that far left field to mention those issues.

  31. Duuude says:

    I’ve read every Forza 3 review available and this is the most fanboy-laden piece I have seen from a site in a long time. It’s actually kind of embarrassing for you guys, but hey, it brings in traffic, right? Not to mention that you gave Forza the same score as Shift; a gamebreaking-bug infested piece of work. But you don’t mention those issues in your review. Did you even play the game for more than a couple of hours?? Whatever fits your agenda I guess.

    From Blu-ray references (speaking of mandatory installs…) to referencing being “forced” to compare it to GT5′s interface, with GT5p winning that argument, of course. In the end, you claim that a glorified demo is better than this amazing full release? Embarrassing. Again.

    I am anxious for GT5 and it will likely be the first game I purchase for my PS3, but if they haven’t fixed their bumpercar physics (where the CPU cars hardly sway from their positions, regardless of impact) or their Ridge Racer handling, I may change my mind. Hopefully they improve their cardboard-cutout trees and 16-bit hillside textures while they are at it.

    But I can see why GT fans are bitter at Forza. If Forza 2 and 3 hadn’t come out, there is no question in my mind that they would have released GT5 a year or more ago…but unfortunately GT has had to ante up just to keep up, thus extending their development cycle.

    I won’t be back to read anything from your site as it has lost all credibility in my eyes.

  32. Blake says:

    This is a very biased review. Probably rated NFS Shift higher because it has a pretty cockpit view and oooh wee it feels like i’m going fast when i’m going 60mph!

  33. Choupolo says:

    I enjoyed both GT and Forza games, imo GT5P is prettier but I like the handling in Forza 3 more. Neither are perfect sims and racing in a real car feels pretty different tbh.

    What I do know is FM3 is out and Im loving the multiplayer at the moment. :)

  34. Adam Doree says:

    Rarely has there been a more suitable comments thread to post the following article than here.


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