Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Off the charts, off the scale. Naughty Dog’s latest PS3 action-adventure is one to treasure.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, October 22, 2009

Run Forrest, run!

Run Forrest, run!

In the midst of such riches, it’s easy to brush past the game’s stonkingly flexible machinima creation aspect. Hours might be lost playing back memorable matches (auto-recorded to your HD), fiddling with the lighting, camera angle and colour settings, or experimenting with the game’s unprecedented (on consoles at least) “green room” mode, which allows you to record action sequences against a textureless block canvas, before pasting in your own backgrounds.

To top things off, there’s the brilliantly wonky lip-synching functionality: rattle off a sentence into your headset, and characters do their best to mouth along. Most players won’t give these story-telling tools a second glance, but they’re an appropriate tribute to the personality which drips and streams from Uncharted 2′s every follicle, line of dialogue or snowflake.

Shame there's no splitscreen, but the co-op mode is tasty.

Shame there's no splitscreen, but the co-op mode is tasty.

Lacklustre finale aside, this is everything you could ask of a headline third-person shooter and more. The story mode will soak up October’s remaining evenings and weekends (assuming you don’t replay it for optional treasures and Trophies), while the online component will keep even the most jaded multiplayer enthusiasts plugging away till Christmas. With almost every other major action IP lying low on the other side of New Year’s Eve, PS3 owners at least have something spectacular to feed their optical drives besides Modern Warfare 2.

10 out of 10

7 Responses to “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review”

  1. JP says:

    Good review, but for me it’s never a 10. A 10 indicates perfection, and Uncharted 2, although a great game is never a 10.

    Personally, i’d give it an 8.

    • theegyptianone says:

      that is stupid from u because 10 in gaming doesnt mean perfect but it means that gaming doesent get any much beter with todays technology and in terms of the whol experiance but nothing is perfect so ur saying we shouldent score anything in the world 10? that is realy retarded

  2. join says:

    what a great game , what a great review , uncharted 2 is not a normal game it is a super game has made ever i dont love any game sush as uncharted 2 it is amazing every thing in the game is superior .
    shortly it is the game of the year 2009 .

  3. JP says:

    sorry for my stupid comment, uncharted 2 deserves an 11 and i’m an idiot for giving it an 8, i meant to give ODST the 8

    • theegyptianone says:

      lol i dint read ur last comment their but yea odst gets nothing from me because its more of the same as any halo game why would i play more of the same when i can go get my xbox 1 from my garage and play halo2?

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