Tekken 6 Review

The King of Iron Fist goes multi-format, as another generation of Mishimas fetch the hair gel and gloves. PS3 version reviewed.

By Rupert Higham, November 6, 2009

As 2009 has now been officially recognised in Chinese astrology as the year of the beat ‘em up, Namco Bandai’s Tekken 6 is most likely the last entry of the year. It doesn’t have the status as the long-lost grand master as Street Fighter IV did, or as the hungry challenger as was the case with BlazBlue. No, Tekken has remained relatively mainstream, even throughout the more strained years of beat ‘em up popularity, and while it doesn’t push hardware sales in the way it did in the nineties, you’d be hard pushed to find a gamer that wasn’t familiar with King, Law and Paul Phoenix.

Given that arcades have all but died in the UK, this will be most gamers’ first contact with Tekken 6 so it’s only right to talk about what’s changed since the incredible PS2 conversion of Tekken 5. New characters are always the focal point of any fighting game sequel and to its credit, Tekken 6 has some very memorable new faces.


Tekken 6 is still heavily reliant on juggles. Energy bars have even been extended to accommodate lengthier combos.

Taking the lion’s share of attention (and space in the sofa), Bob is responsible for the new wave of obese but deceptively fast characters in fighting games and may well have had the “coolest new face” category in the bag if it weren’t for the nonchalant matador Miguel. Sporting an attitude matched only by his haircut, Miguel’s brawling antics translate wonderfully from bull ring to battle arena. Zafina is a middle-Eastern beauty that utilises a variety of unorthodox stances similar to SoulCalibur’s Voldo, while kung fu tom-boy Leo’s main claim to fame is causing endless speculation over her gender.

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5 Responses to “Tekken 6 Review”

  1. tommy says:

    great review, the comment about lars’ amalgamated super haircut made me lol. sad to agree with the game’s flaws pointed out here. I do quite like the scenario campaign mode though. yeah, namco aren’t great at producing interesting cutscenes. even alisa’s aerial combat against a helicopter lacked any punch. oh well, at least tekken 6 made it to console eventually! x

  2. Lars says:

    Good review although a 8/10 sounds a little too high for a game with so many flaws.
    The only good thing is that it’s the great Tekken gameplay we’ve always loved.
    But everything else in the game has been done very sloppy.
    Laggy online, bad graphics, worthless scenario mode (with NO on-line co-op so far), fewer customization items than Tekken 5 on the PSP, bad balance of the achievements and even the soundtrack was disappointing IMO.
    As you said, Tekken deserves better.

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