Uncharted 2 machinima mash-up

Three reasons Uncharted 2′s video creation features are off the charts.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, October 18, 2009

Uncharted 2, Alfred Hitchcock remix.

Uncharted 2, Alfred Hitchcock remix.

I’ve tried creating an Uncharted 2 machinima. The results were (to me at least) highly amusing. I’ll try again when they unlock my PSN account. In the meantime, why not run your eyes over the following threesome.

1. RPG Machinima


Short, simple, explosive. Two rocket-propelled grenades don’t make a right, Drake.

2. Tank Chase

Zoey evades the amorous attentions of a tank on the Village map. The title sequence shows off the game’s colour and lighting tools. Partly put together in Final Cut Express.

3. My Burden (trailer)

A super-angsty yell-a-thon which makes use of that funky Bluetooth headset lip-synching feature.

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