Multi-Clip: goldfish, Rubix cubes, stress

Our choice of up-comers on Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and DSiWare.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, November 4, 2009

The eyes. THE EYES.

The eyes. THE EYES.

If you could just tear your eyes away from that Modern Warfare 2 pre-order for a second, I’ve got some downloadable games to pimp.

Stop Stress: A Day of Fury is about anarchic average Joes destroying the physical emblems of a high-pressure urban existence, like toilets, shelves and security guards. As such, it’s going head to head with PlayStation Network’s PA!N.


The nerdily named Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: Rush feels like a blend of Lemmings, elderly PSP hit Mercury and, um, something with cubes in it. You must shepherd a bunch of coloured boxes to the exit by dragging and dropping conveyer belts, barricades, bridges and the like.

Retro-styled DS puzzler Flipper gives players the ability to remodel or obliterate the landscape beneath them – all in the name of rescuing a goldfish.

And finally, this is what Gauntlet-esque hack-and-slash looks like when you breed it with a rhythm-timing game. Coming soon-ish to an Xbox Live account near you.

One Response to “Multi-Clip: goldfish, Rubix cubes, stress”

  1. sanchez says:

    I don’t care how nerdi the Rubik’s games is, it is definately a game that will distract you for hours and hours, the challenge in such a little toy is frustrating as fun…


Kikizo Classic: