Four more PlayStation classics arrive in PSN-J’s Game Archives

And by “classic” we mean Neko-Zamurai!

By J.D., November 11, 2009

It’s hard to tell whether there’s any real pattern to Sony’s distribution of old PlayStation games via the Game Archives area of its PS Store. Some months we get dozens of games, some months just a handful. Today, we get four new ‘uns at 600 yen each. There’s a mediocre RPG called PMS Vol. 6 ONI Rei -Fukkatsu- up there and there’s EA’s Soviet Strike – and then there are two games which are genuinely worth downloading:
Neko-Zamurai: a 1999 classic now available on Japan's PlayStation Store for just 600 yen.

Neko-Zamurai (above) – A classic where the worlds of samurai and kitty collide in a haze of katana swipes and furballs? Yes please! Originally released across three CDs in 1999, this gem of an adventure game from Human Entertainment has until now been fetching silly prices at Tsutaya and And with good reason: it features cat samurai characters getting into all sorts of hilarious predicaments in Edo-period Japan … not even Miyamoto has come up with a better game concept than that! Now available on Japan’s PlayStation Store for just 600 yen!

Tokimeki Memorial -forever with you-: One of Konami's most poignant dating sims of the Nineties returns!

Tokimeki Memorial -forever with you- (above) – One of Konami’s most poignant dating sims of the Nineties returns! If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to date a Japanese girl but didn’t want to actually go out there and socialise, chances are this is the game for you!

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Kikizo Classic: