Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II bound for iPhone!

Old games Touched up…

By J.D., January 21, 2010

Actual iPhone screenshot!

Actual iPhone screenshot!

The original Final Fantasy is being remade for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and so is its immediate sequel, Final Fantasy II. Given Square Enix’s proclivity for re-re-re-releasing its old games on formats as diverse as the DS, the PlayStation, LCD keyrings, and your microwave and fridge, this is hardly surprising.

What is surprising is that these iPhone remakes of the first two games in the FF series look crisp and full of life. Even though I’ve bought them a dozen times before, they look tempting again. These classics, which debuted as Famicom cassettes in 1987/88, are scheduled to arrive on the App Store at some point in the future for an as-yet-undisclosed price. Er, yes. But this much is concrete: the games will appear in all territories simultaneously, so you won’t have to wait longer than those of us who live in Japan and neither will we have to wait longer than you. Sounds fair.

Some key details:

- These iPhone versions are based on 2007′s PSP ports and include those PSP releases’ extra dungeons.

- Touch controls are adopted for things such as battles and movement around the games’ maps.

- There will be new stuff to enjoy once you’ve completed the main adventures!

Another actual iPhone screenshot!

Another actual iPhone screenshot!

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