Thunderforce V among new (old) delights on Japan’s PlayStation Store

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By J.D., March 10, 2010

"But it's not as good as the Saturn version..." - WRONG!

"But it's not as good as the Saturn version..." - WRONG!

600 yen goes a long way in Japan. It can get you two 500ml cans of Yebisu beer. Or a copy of Famitsu. Or six items from a 100 yen-shop, if you don’t factor in sales tax. Much, much better, though, is that it can get you a game from the online retro gamer’s paradise that is PSN-J’s Game Archives.

And as of now that includes a little game called Thunderforce V Perfect System, a bloody marvelous shmup from TechnoSoft (RIP) that has way more features than the admittedly lovely Saturn version. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

Other recent additions to the PlayStation-games-for-download service include Nihon Bussan’s 1996 mediocrity Dead Heat Road, a board game called Family Diamond that weighs in at just 5MB (and they wasted a whole CD publishing this back in 2002!), and – wait for it – The PRO Mahjong: Initiation Into the Secrets of the Art, which is, to be blunt, just a mahjong game from 1998.

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