Legendary Famicom title Ikki making comeback on PS3 this summer

First screenshots show 21st century/8-bit clash

By J.D., April 26, 2010

The new Ikki on PS3

The new Ikki on PS3

Already available in Japan via PSN in its original arcade format as part of Memorial Series Sunsoft Vol. 1, 1985-vintage “thieving” game Ikki – a distant Japanese ancestor of Grand Theft Auto (perhaps) – is currently being prepped as a modern PS3 game called Ikki Online to coincide with the original’s 25th birthday.

New features include online play, with 12-player battles between teams of Peasant/Farmers and “Evil Edo Governors” and a “prisoner system” that means defeated players can be captured by the opposition, single- and two-player co-op options in the main game, and the choice of new or “classic” (see below) visual styles. No chance of nicking a copy as it’s down for a release via PSN, but Ikki Online looks like it could make the summer a good one. Trust Sunsoft to deliver.

Ikki Online in "classic" mode

Ikki Online in "classic" mode

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