Eight new PS classics for PSN-J’s Game Archives

Including DonPachi!

By J.D., May 18, 2010


Eight new (old) PlayStation games were uploaded to the Game Archives area of Japan’s PlayStation Store the other day, and they’re not all that rough – diamonds in the mix include Cave’s legendary DonPachi and TechnoSoft’s curious mech battle thing Steeldom.

These games are 600 yen apiece as usual and all are compatible with your PSP, if you still have one lying around somewhere. Here’s the full list complete with single-line summaries:

DonPachi - a heavenly trip through bullet hell, developed by Cave but not in a cave.

Zero Divide 2 – clanky robot fighting with rusty polygons and a distinct lack of oil. Not nice.

Steeldom (aka Koutetsu Reiiki) – Virtual-On meets Armored Core on a 60fps historical excursion. Is nice.

Simple 1500: Sekai Saikyou Ginboshi Igo 3 – Go!

Simple 1500: The Darts – probably the only darts game with an American comic-style story mode.

Simple 1500: The Helicopter – take a guess.

Simple 1500: The Casino – with chips.

Simple 1500: The Puzzle 2 – Mr. Driller in different clothes and with no shoes.

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