Guess SEGA of Japan’s “next 360 action” title and win a prize!*

*Prize: the right to feel smug. For 30 minutes.

By J.D., May 17, 2010

7777777There’s apparently just one week remaining until the mystery of SEGA Japan’s site is explained by a mustachioed Belgian as we assemble in the Internet’s study and scoff canapés and try to look interested. Today’s countdown comment chirps, “At one time there were loads of these ‘preview sites’ around, but you don’t see them much these days, do you?” (Or Japanese words to that effect.)

So what could it be? Answers in the comments section.

GaijinGamer’s 100% Unreliable Prediction? A new IP featuring space marines. Or Virtual Shenmue – a Shenmue simulator.

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