New range of funky Mario T-shirts now on sale at Japan’s Right-on stores

One step up from UNIQLO…

By J.D., May 17, 2010

rightonmarioSafe in the knowledge that no one can resist the offer of another T-shirt of their favourite game character at a disgusting price, Nintendo and Japanese clothes retailer Right-on (actually a very good store, and a worthy alternative to UNIQLO in the threads-for-Japan’s-masses stakes) have sat down with their tailors and Singer sewing machines to design and weave a new range of six retro-ific Super Mario tees also featuring Yoshi, Koopa, Kinopio, Wario and Star.

To get kitted out you’ll need 2,600 yen (£20/$28) and access to a Right-on store, 300 of which are dotted around Japan. As the shirt above says, GET THE COINS!

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