Prope releases Ivy The Kiwi? storybook

Yuji Naka loves cute stuff!

By J.D., May 17, 2010


You always know where you are with Yuji Naka. Like so many of the best individualist Japanese game creators, he seems to operate carefully and quietly inside a rainbow-colored bubble floating high, high above the turd-brown modern gaming landscape of FPSes and BIG WAR. He probably doesn’t even know what a “space marine” is. So it’s quite appropriate that Prope, his preciously constructed team of developers, would produce something like this:

And it’s just a predictable (in a good way) that, having perched Ivy on the DS and Wii last month, Yuji Naka and his people would follow that up with the release of a book guaranteed to delight any child who has yet to learn what a “space marine” is. If that’s YOU, lucky reader, get along to and order a copy of this 28-page marvel right away.

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