New Brink character pimping vid proves Bethesda hates us

Also shows off tats, car-tyre armor, face paint, binbags.

By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, January 18, 2010

So apparently we’re not cool enough to receive one of Bethesda’s lovely-looking Brink goodie parcels, mailed out to certain lucky journos this morning. The package includes a couple of tasty concept art posters and brand new character customisation footage in USB credit card form.

Oh well, turn the other cheek. Here’s the footage spoken of, ripped from the sycophantic frontpage of those brown-nosing bastards at VG247. Try not to trip over your popularity ratings, Pat.

Edit: check with me next time, eh Ed? They DID send us the promotional tat in question – and rather nice it was too… (-Adam)

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